10 Best Flat Iron Manufacturer Of China

Level iron is sometimes referred to as fixing iron with a heated plate of clay or metal, designed for flattening and hair fixation. To use, between preheated plates in the iron and squeeze it tightly between 1″ and 2″ regions of hair, run the iron down to the end. Here are ten of the top iron manufacturers of Chinese quality.

Electronics Co. of Guangzhou Zhongpai

Elektronics Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou Zhongpai is a famous flat iron manufacturer. The company was set up in September 2009, Zhongpai Electronic Tech (HK) Co., Ltd. registered in 2011, Guangzhou. It is a company that focuses on home care and hair excellence devices. It is a state-of-the-art enterprise that coordinates the creation, agreements and administrations.

Electric Technology Co. Yueqing Shenchuang, Ltd.

Shenchuang Electrical (TBSE) has practical expertise in research, improvement, development, and presentation as an electrical company. Our core elements are just the beginning, USA NEMA arrangement and repository, CEE fittings and attachments. They produce hair straightener wholesale in markets.

Shenchuang Electrical

Since its inception, Shenchuang Electrical has focused on the job of innovation of custom flat iron. It has good expertise and complete test equipment. Numerous items such as the renowned US “UL,” Canada “cUL,” the German “VDE,” the Australian “SAA,” and the quality framework certificate ISO90001 have passed international wellness confirmation associations.

Electric Co.,Limited to Dongguan Bidisco

Established in 2008, the Dongguan Bidisco Electric Company is agreat hair straightener manufacturer, Limited is a well-known “global plant” environmental nursery located east of Dongguan City. Bidisco is focused on R&D, produces and distributes practical know-how on hair excellence, types of appliances such as hair straighteners, hair curlers, hairdryers.

Electronic Guangzhou Sunshine

Guangzhou Sunshine Electronic Technology co., Ltd. was set up in 2005 and is a professional producer and exporter of private label falt iron who is concerned with the design, development, and development of nightlight, wetter, scent spreader, fan, morning timer and hotter. We are in Guangzhou. We are located.

International Haircare in Chenfeng

Created as an industrial factory and design manufacturer, Chenfeng International Haircare Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. Hold quickly to the ‘first and high quality customers’ business point. We use a hair straightener, hair trimmer, iron curling, hairdryer, scissors. We are continually promoting new things. We welcome OEM. And we welcome it.

Wenzhou BOYO

Wenzhou BOYO Electrical Machine Co., Ltd. is a critical expert in electronics and home electronics for excellence in China. We are involved in this industry for over ten years. We have many types of things, and they may be sent out 100%.

Electrical Company Dongguan Smart Beauty Limited

We supply several types of products. Top-quality and high cost. High quality. We are happy to get your enquiry and will come back fast. For administration and “null imperfection, null grumbles.” We are committed to the guideline of “value for first, management first, continued improvement and development to fulfill customers.”

Creating technology, Shenzhen Mountain View, Co. Ltd.

Most important 1. 7-inch LCD contact screen, enhanced connection mode of the machine. Fundamentally and unbelievable activity. 2. Different test methods Instant test mode: insert the test card, test fast Auto test mode: test card embedding, scheduling, programmed testing Sequence test mode: used for several patients and bundle tests, automatic timing, progress and tests by predefined arrangements. 3. Huge capacity, up to 100 000 records can be saved.

Tung Yuan Trade Co., Ltd. Xiangtan Jin Zheng

Situated in Xiangtan, the Hunan region, Xiangtan Jin Zheng Tong Yuan Trade Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive research-creating, indigenous, and internationally traded organization.

Established in 2012, the organization has recently improved rapidly and established a robust management framework and supervisory team. We manage basically to progress hair-care products, including professional hairdryers/stylers and hair straighteners and hair-removing brush.

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