10 Calming Colours for Your Bedroom

What qualities do you associate with the perfect bedroom? Most say calming, relaxing and warm. Choosing the right paint colour goes a long way to evoke these emotions. While your first thoughts may be to go with understated and subtle shades, the best Berger paints for interior walls are also available in spiffy, rich colours to complement your energy and playful self. Here are 10 calming colours for your bedroom to help you wind down and get a good night’s rest.

1. Sky Blue to Chase the Blues Away

Blue colour has a calming effect. In fact, it can lower blood pressure and heart rate and help manage stress. If you’re unsure which shade to pick, begin by checking Berger’s Cloudless Sky. This is a beautiful and sophisticated colour for your bedroom. If you’re a fan of layers, check out interesting patterns with Berger’s Silk Illusions Design Metallica luxury emulsion. 

2. White Nights

Contrary to what one might believe, a stately white is still one of the most preferred looks for the bedroom. The muted and relaxing feel of the White City shade from the Berger interior paint catalogue is sure to give your bedroom a subtle and classy look. White also makes for a great combination with pastel colours. Try the Virtual Painter tool to check which combinations look best in your bedroom.

3. Periwinkle and Lilac 

Periwinkle and its different tones make for a chic and calming bedroom colour scheme. After it was voted the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2021, it’s a great time to hop on to the trend and express yourself. You needn’t stay limited to periwinkle. Most colours in the family, including lavender and lilac, bring a suave playfulness to the ambience, and are perfect picks for a young couple’s bedroom.

4. Soothing Shades of Green

A versatile colour, green helps you wind down after a hectic day. The different shades of green also respond well to sunlight. The trick is to pick a lively yet calming shade from the Berger Paints colour catalogue for interior walls. Interesting options include Bright Batic, Brazil Green and Desert Saguaro to bring in nature’s hues into your bedroom.

5. Yellow Spark

If you define your personality with adjectives like enthusiastic and energetic, you could choose to reflect these with shades of yellow in your bedroom. Berger’s Golden Sunshine is a versatile colour that can give your bedroom the perfect balance between calm and vibrant. Brighter shades of yellows can also be used in patches, with a light lemony hue or other calming colours for children’s bedrooms.

6. Bring the Browns Home

Regenerative browns can completely transform your bedroom. Such earthy tans add a Zen-like feel to your home. Berger’s Moroccan Sand works beautifully as a calming bedroom colour and can be combined with a red to add a touch of boldness. Brown evokes warmth and happiness. You can get a rich and luxurious finish with Berger’s Silk Glow emulsion.

7. Fifty Shades of Grey

Moody hues of grey are also among the trendiest calming bedroom colours. For such an effect, check out Berger’s Ottawa Rise, Capitol Grey and Antique Pewter, all of which induce rest and deep sleep. Add a touch of elegance and vitality to the room with patterns or a smooth and metallic finish with Berger’s Silk Illusions Design Metallica.

8. In the Pink of Health

This family of colours is usually found in living rooms or other areas of the house that see more daytime activity. However, warm pinks and dusty roses can be great calm colour choices for painting your bedroom. They encourage intimacy, joy, and positivity. In fact, pinks soothe other emotions like aggression, agitation, and feelings of neglect. This gorgeous colour can be complemented with shades of beige. 

9. Moody Mustard

What is a calming colour that offers the character of yellow minus the energy and vibrancy? Aim for a shade between mustard and pale butterscotch, and you arrive at colours like Berger’s Bright Idea and Touch of Class. These two intermediate shades partner well with dusty aqua to give your bedroom a blissful ambience.

10. Off Whites and Creams

These shades give a cosy and calming look and are especially perfect for bedrooms that do not receive a lot of sunlight. These soft hues also give you much more flexibility to experiment with furnishings of different colours. 

Paint your bedroom with these calming colours to enjoy the tranquillity and positivity they evoke. Worried that lighter shades will stain easily and look dirty? Choose Berger’s Easy Clean interior emulsions for a luxurious finish with high washability. If you’re concerned about the spread of infection while getting your home painted, call on professionals who follow the most stringent safety protocols. When you choose Berger Paints Express Painting service, you can track the health status of the painters on their app. The app also allows you to track the progress of the painting job, so you can maintain social distancing.

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