10 Hemp Products That You Need to Try

Did you know the United States of America was founded on hemp? The U.S. Constitution was written and signed on hemp paper.

In fact, colonial farmers were required to grow hemp on their farms, as Thomas Jefferson noted that hemp was “of the first necessity to the wealth and protection of our country.”

So, hemp seems pretty important. However, our history with hemp is murky.

Where it was once required, it then became banned and illegal. Today, most people aren’t completely clear on where hemp stands.

Yet, you’ve probably seen hemp products popping up all over the place. They are in the grocery store, in the mall, in the market, in doctor’s offices.

If you’re curious about the top ten hemp products you should try, stick around, and we’ll also answer all your hemp-related questions.

What Is Hemp?

First and foremost, what is hemp? Is it just another term for marijuana or cannabis?

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, which is also where marijuana comes from, but they are not the same. Both hemp and marijuana contain cannabinoids, which are the compounds that make up cannabis.

The two most common cannabinoids are CBD and THC.

CBD is a cannabinoid that does not have psychoactive effects, though it has tons of therapeutic benefits. THC does have psychoactive effects, which is usually the source of controversy.

In the U.S., it is classified as hemp if it has less than 0.3% of THC. Marijuana will have much more than that.

As stated previously, we have been using hemp for hundreds of years. We get fiber from the stems of the plant, protein from the seeds, and oils from the leaves.

We can create a multitude of products out of it and even use it as a sustainable resource. There is much more to hemp than its controversial cannabinoids.

The Legality of Hemp

Still, you may be wondering if hemp is entirely legal. In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed, which made the cultivation, distribution, sale, transport, and possession of hemp and hemp derivatives legal on a federal level.

As long as it has less than the magic number 0.3% of THC, it’s legal. This also gave hemp farmers aid and protection, which they did not have before 2018.

Of course, every state can have its own laws, which means that hemp may not be fully legal in your particular state. However, you cannot get in trouble with federal law by possessing or buying hemp.

Since then, companies across the nation have been jumping on board with the hemp trend, producing an assortment of products in a variety of industries.

Is Delta-8 THC Considered Hemp?

One of the most hot-button questions surrounding the hemp discussion: is Delta-8 THC considered hemp?

As we talked about before, the two main components in cannabis are CBD and THC. However, there are two different kinds of THC: Delta-9 and Delta-8.

Delta-9 THC is what you find in marijuana. It’s the potent cannabinoid that will get you high. Delta-8, however, is a little different.

Delta-8 THC binds to the receptors in your brain and body differently, creating strong bonds to your body and weaker ones to your brain. This means, although Delta-8 is, in fact, THC, it won’t necessarily get you high.

Since Delta-8 doesn’t necessarily get you high, then what is the difference between delta 8 and cbd? You can learn more about that here.

Also, because Delta-8 THC contains less than 0.3% of THC, it is considered hemp, and it is federally legal. Again, not every state agrees with this decision, so it’s best to check your state’s laws before buying Delta-8.

Now, let’s jump into the top hemp products for you to try, reaching across all of the different industries.

1. Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are extremely popular because of how nutritious they are. They are often compared to chia seeds or flax seeds as superfoods.

You will see athletes and vegetarians alike enjoying hemp seeds in a variety of applications, such as in smoothies and salads.

They are easily digested by the body and contain essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, which help our immune system and cholesterol.

They can help sustain our dietary needs without any additional healthy food and can help heal those with immune-deficient diseases.

If you’re looking to spice up this application, you can try hemp seed oil, which also comes with many health benefits.

Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the plant itself. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A and E and includes minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, and zinc.

Hemp seed oil also promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails and reduces inflammation. Really, the list could go on and on.

2. Hemp Coffee

Want some delicious and nutritious coffee? Hemp coffee is made by mixing ground-up coffee beans and lightly roasted hemp seeds.

It creates a nutty taste that can’t quite be captured anywhere else. Its smooth and unique undertones offer a new experience for the coffee and hemp lover alike.

It has considerably less caffeine but still gives you the energy push you need, while also reaping all the health benefits, such as the countless vitamins and minerals.

3. Shoes

Once upon a time, wearing hemp made you a hippie. Today, hemp is one of the leading trends in the fashion industry.

As more people join the cause to save the planet, more sustainable resources are being used. Hemp is such a resource, which means shoes made from hemp help to reduce waste.

Not only that, but the material also helps to prevent your feet from sweating, and it lasts a very long time. Your hemp shoes could outlast all of your other shoes, and you’ll look good while wearing them.

Brands such as Sanuk have taken the lead, proving that you can make hemp fashionable and sustainable. Whether you’re a sandal or sneaker type of person, there is a hemp shoe out there for you.

4. Sunglasses

Perhaps the most popular hemp product out there today: sunglasses.

If you’ve been to the beach lately, chances are you’ve seen tons of hemp sunglasses in every single shop.

Even if you haven’t been to the beach, you might have seen hemp sunglasses popping up in drug stores or even grocery stores. It’s not a gimmick. Hemp sunglasses have a ton to offer.

Of course, the most significant pull for hemp sunglasses is the sustainability factor. Companies are making sunglasses that are 100% sustainable, including the packaging, all due to the use of hemp.

This reduces waste in incredible amounts without giving up quality or fashion. Hemp sunglasses are durable and more lightweight than plastic sunglasses.

They can come in any color or style you choose, which means all you’re losing is the waste.

5. Lotions

Of all CBD products and hemp products, lotions may be the winner. This is especially true for those that have chronic pain or sensitive skin.

Depending on the manufacturer, most hemp lotions will contain no harmful chemicals, which means you’re getting a 100% natural lotion.

It feels incredibly soft and gentle on the skin and absorbs quickly.

Hemp lotions can help those with eczema, psoriasis, and auto-immune skin disorders. It can also help aid bug bites, ringworm, athlete’s foot, dry skin, and much, much more.

6. Bow Ties

Bow ties are on here to show you that hemp can be used to make almost anything. Seriously, you can make bow ties with hemp!

They’re completely sustainable, have a unique texture, and will last you a long time. Perhaps next time you’re¬†browsing online and see a piece of clothing you like, you’ll try to find it in hemp instead.

There is no limit to what hemp can do, so try to get creative next time you’re shopping!

7. Jackets

Hemp coats and jackets have a ton to offer. Hemp clothing, in general, is antimicrobial and durable. It’s the strongest natural fiber, so you’ll have less chance of ripping or damaging your jacket.

Hemp fabric also softens over time, so your coat will get more comfortable with each use. Along with this, hemp fabric is sewn so tightly that no sun rays will escape the fabric’s surface.

This means you are more protected from harmful UV rays. Hemp is also hypoallergenic, so while it protects your skin, it’s also suitable for any skin type.

8. Sunscreen

The joys of hemp sunscreen are endless. It’s a natural product, which means no harsh chemicals will go into your skin.

Because hemp has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, your skin gets to absorb these and reap those benefits while also getting protection from the sun.

It is also overflowing with nutrients and Vitamin D, which means it can help seal skin that is already damaged by the sun.

Using hemp sunscreen means nourishing your skin before, during, and after exposure to the sun. Really, why would you use anything else?

9. Dog Collar and Leash

Once you’ve heard the benefits of hemp dog collars and leashes, you will wonder why you’ve ever used anything else.

As stated previously, hemp is extremely strong and durable. This is especially true when woven into hemp rope, which is what your hemp collar and leash are made of.

If you have a puppy that constantly pulls or chews, a hemp collar and leash can solve all of your problems. They will not be able to tear or fray the hemp, which means a much longer-lasting product for you.

It is also a comfortable material, so you’re dog will be happy with the change.

Hemp is also more absorbent than other materials and resistant to mildew. So, if you get caught in the rain, you don’t have to worry as you might with other materials.

Perhaps one of the best qualities is hemp’s odor resistance. While there are so many other aspects to attend to with a dog, nobody wants to worry about washing their leashes and collars. With hemp, you no longer have to.

10. Delta-8 Tincture

Now, we couldn’t leave Delta-8 THC products off this list. Since Delta-8 is considered hemp, its legal status means you can find it in many different forms.

Delta-8 tinctures and oils are great products, which you can use in vapes or dabs.

You can also find Delta-8 flower and Delta-8 edibles. Delta-8 edibles come in many forms, such as gummies, baked goods, and even drinks.

When you consume Delta-8, it’s generally combined with a majority of CBD.

This means you’re getting all the good benefits of both. It can help reduce anxiety, provide a feeling of euphoria, give you a burst of energy, and help reduce inflammation.

While you won’t get high, you will feel your body and mind relax while not feeling tired or lazy. It’s a great product to try if you are curious about cannabis or suffer from anxiety or chronic pain.

It’s natural, legal, and available widely across the nation. Really, are there any downfalls here?

Looking for More Hemp Products?

Now that you’re convinced that hemp is the way to go, you probably want to find even more hemp products to try.

Well, luckily for you, they’re everywhere and anywhere.

Your favorite store probably sells hemp products. Your local grocery most likely has hemp foods australia food and drinks. A dispensary near you is almost guaranteed to be selling hemp products such as Delta-8.

So, go out there and find a new hemp product to try!

If you’re curious about other interesting aspects of life, browse through our collection of highly informed articles today!

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