10 Interesting Facts About Automobiles

It is a fact that automobiles are one of the most under-appreciated yet essential elements of our lives. It is undeniably true that living a life without the ease of traveling through cars is unimaginable.

Cars can take you wherever you wish to go. However, how interesting it is to know that the automobile plays a role in epitomizing an individual’s personality. The choice of a particular model of a car can tell us a lot about the driver.

We can come up with a thousand exciting facts about the one behind the wheels, but how many interesting facts can we state about these well-crafted machines?

If you want to be enlightened more about the wheels than the one driving them, then the following article is for you.

Read further to explore 10 Interesting Facts about automobiles.

#1 The World’s First Automobile was Created by Carl Benz

We get excited when news of the release of a new car breaks. But how many of us know about the first automobile ever invented?

The year 1886 is referred to as the birth year of automobiles. Carl Benz presented the world with the first-ever three-wheeled car that would operate on a gas engine. This three-wheeled vehicle was a new sensation that led to the sale of 25 production units from the year of its release to the year 1893.

Considered the as the beginning of the automobile revolution, the Benz Patent Motorwagen had a mileage of 10km/l with an original cost of $1,000. In order to start the vehicle, the driver was required to manually spin a massive flywheel.

#2 It Takes Only Half an Ounce of Fuel to Start a Car

Whilst you may get your fuel tank filled to go around the globe, you will be surprised to know that from the entire quantity of the fuel, only half an ounce is needed to start the car.

#3 Amongst the 30,000 Parts That a Car Contains, One is Guaranteed to Break

An automobile is a well-crafted mechanical machine that is made up of more than 30,000 complex machinery parts. These parts are fitted well, and well-reputed companies ensure that these parts last for a long time.

However, one of these parts is guaranteed to break.

#4 It Would Take You a Month to Reach the Moon by Car at a Speed of 60 MPH

Regardless of the speed limits in outer space, according to the speed of the earth, reaching our moon by driving a car to it can take a month or so with a constant speed of 60 mph.

If you want to reach the moon, drive at an average of 60mph, and you will be there in approximately 30 days

#5 The Word Car is Derived from a Latin Word

Did you know that the word “car” is derived from another language and is not a part of the english language?

The word “car” is derived from the Latin word “Carrum” which means two-wheeled war chariot.

#6 White is the Most Popular Colour in Cars

The colour of the automobile tells a lot of things about the one driving it. It contributes to helping people build a perception about the owner of the car. Amongst all of the available colours, white is the most popular among vehicles. Firstly, white cars are the easiest to keep looking clean as dust, dirt and grime is not visible on them.  Black cars are the most difficult to keep looking clean as dust, dirt and grime is more visible with a black background.

White cars are also easiest to see and are therefore less likely to be involved in a car crash than other coloured cars.  If you are involved in a car crash and injured then motor vehicle injury lawyers Perth are available to assist you with your injury compensation claim to the Insurance Commission of WA.

Most of the cars are white. After white, the most popular colour among cars is black. Purple is, however, the least favourite among all shades available in motor vehicles. Other typical hues are blue, wine-red, and green.

#7 An Internal Computer of a Vehicle Consist of 100 Million Lines of Codes

Did you know that your car’s internal computer consists of 100 million lines of code? What does that mean?

You may be amazed to know that your car runs on 100 miles of codes which helps to get a premium car out of the driveway. However, with rapid technological advancement, a motor vehicles’ software is getting more and more complex day by day.

#8 On Average, 3 Billion Gallons of Petrol is Wasted Annually Due to Traffic Jams

You may be surprised at the fact that there is an average wastage of petrol of 3 billion gallons every year due to traffic congestion.

Cars that are idling during traffic jams tend to burn more petrol or when waiting for the signal to turn green from red. Since the engine is still on the fuel keeps burning even if the car is not moving.

#9 The Odds of Dying in a Car Accident is 1 in 5000

If you want to avoid this risk you could try not driving in cars but that would certainly be very difficult in the modern world that we live in.

You probably have a lesser chance of dying when travelling by bus but public transport sure can be slow and of course you have to spend a lot of time waiting.

#10 The Engine Noise Made by New Cars is Faked by Speakers

While we may hear a roaring sound upon starting an engine of a newer Volkswagen automobile, it might be that the car’s engine does not actually make any sound. What you hear upon keying the ignition is the fake sound of an engine through the car’s speaker system.  Of course Volkswagen deny this is true but they have be known to tell a few porky pies in their time.

The Final Word!

The world without cars may feel like a lung without oxygen. Cars are not just an ordinary means of getting people from one place to another. They are more than just a means of traveling. Indeed, the primary objective of automobiles is to allow ease of transport. Nonetheless, what was once a luxury, has now become an unavoidable necessity.

In addition, what car you drive speaks a lot about the personality you possess. When the vehicle you are driving can tell people a lot about you, we ask, what interesting things can you tell people about your vehicle?

Having read this article, you are now able to state 10 of the most incredible facts about automobiles that include the birth year of cars, the origin of the automobile revolution, how long it will take you to reach the moon by car, and much more.  Boy, you sure will be popular at the next dinner party that you attend.

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