10 Most Popular Employee Training Video Topics

Employee training is a cost. No one can deny that. But the returns could be fruitful if an alternate is pursued. One that not only drives quality learning but also enhances the value of the Knowledge management system (KMS). 

What is that alternate?

Training video. In the past decade, there has been a surge in the number of training video companies. Tech companies in particular are investing in training videos to engage employees and impact workforce learning. 

But are training videos effective for everything? 

To answer that, we have made a list of the 10 most popular training video topics.

Let’s dive in. 

Safety training videos

Safety training videos serve the purpose of communicating information about safety hazards. Videos serve as a precautionary guide informing the workers of the hazards and how to avoid them. 

Now, there are some common training topics for workplace safety. Let’s have a look at them;

  • Safety and health
  • Using personal protective equipment
  • Fire safety
  • First aid
  • Accident prevention

Know that the above is the basic. Companies tend to personalize training modules on safety. Modern safety training encompasses curating engaging content that connects with learners on an emotional level. 

So, the trend of safety training has shifted from core safety to more personalized safety training. 

Training videos for IT Professionals

IT training is vital as it teaches participants how they can manage technology for their business. 

IT training has a broad scope. It covers the following training modules;

  • Employees can acquire training on how to work with enterprise apps
  • Training videos may also cover desktop apps
  • Individuals would be required to obtain certifications
  • Protecting Isystemsem from cyberattacks

Again, IT training modules may be personalized keeping in view the needs of the management. 

For example, companies working in data management, banking, health, and finance may need a robust level of security for their IT systems. 

Customer service training

Customer service training is one of the most important forms of employee training. One popular way to teach customer service reps is by using videos. 

Videos can be quality instruments to keep the message consistent. Moreover, as more companies are adapting to the remote-business model, video training, particularly for customer service reps, is the way to go. 

They can be taught with quality training modules and much more. Video training also ensures better management of knowledge management systems. Plus, employees can stay up to date with the latest updates. 

Assuming they’ve full access to the training modules, they can review and take lessons as and when needed. 

Leadership training

The essence of leadership training is to help management induct competent leaders and promote talented individuals to top positions. 

While empowering the talent might be the best option, one cannot move forward without providing quality training. 

Since culture is unique, some training on how leadership needs to be owned and carried on is critical and should be provided. 

This is where the Learning & Development (L&D) of companies focus on. Leadership training programs may include C-suite managers, middle managers as well as new hires. 

The niche is pretty lucrative as lots of startups are working on leadership content. 

Since businesses are curating tailored training videos, you don’t need to pump your money. Save the hurdle. Thankfully, you can save big with your startup video production cost. 

Software training modules

Your business may have several employees who don’t know how to operate software, or some particular software (that your company uses for most of the jobs). 

Since they’re unable to work on it, training seems essential. This is where software training modules may come in handy. 

Software training modules may serve two vital purposes. 

Firstly, there are people who keep on searching for training content. That mostly ends up in information overload. They struggle to adapt one comprehensive guide. 

Secondly, there are people who love to go on their own. They’re inclined to trial and error. While the approach is positive, it can be costly, as the process is time-consuming. 

Software training videos ease the job of the above two groups.  

Sales training

Another popular form of employee training happens through the use of sales training videos. Sales training content can be a vital instrument to help your sales team get on board swiftly and achieve their sales quotas with much ease. 

It is also probably the most vital training in companies. Video content around sales training has proven to be helpful. 

However, companies emphasize more on personalized training as each individual is unique, and might have a different motivation to get up and get going. 

SOP training

Another popular form of video training includes Standard operating procedure (SOP) videos. 

An SOP lays down a precise, step-by-step guide that one can follow to perform tasks with confidence. 

As instructions are easy to comprehend, there is no brain wandering. Workers can carry out the job with ease, increasing self-efficacy to perform the job.  

A prime benefit of SOPs is that they allow for consistency and efficiency. Business processes drive fruitful results when tasks are completed in a consistent and timely fashion. 

SOPs may apply to anything from cooking a meal to operating a machine and even to cleaning a warehouse, to ensure post-pandemic SOPs are followed. 

Harassment training

Videos made on harassment might appear cringy. It can often be difficult to get the message across and achieve the intended level of comprehension. So, is harassment training ineffective?

No, absolutely not. But since each company or management has unique values. The approach to dispersing messages on harassment policy should also be tailored to the needs of the culture. 

That’s where we suggest customized training videos. These could be helpful to get the message across in a thriving fashion, without disturbing the environment for the workforce. 

Compliance training

The world is full of distractions. And, to cut through the noise, it is essential that brands have engaging content. 

But, when it comes to compliance training, there is not much that management teams can do to engage an audience. The topic and its contents are boring. It isn’t exactly something that would excite your workers. 

To ease the trouble, tech companies have come up with video training for compliance. Videos that are fine-tuned with interactive segments can make up for an engaging learning experience for the learner. 

Diversity training

Diversity training even though something new, it’s becoming seriously popular. 

Courtesy of awareness campaigns working across socials, no workforce is unaware of the evils of discrimination and how the same be destructive for the business. 

Diversity training covers the history of discrimination to the challenges in the face of creating a more inclusive and diverse work culture. 

Diversity training today must be engaging, elicit value for stakeholders, and should be able to draw emotion from the trainees. Videos may be suitable for interactive learning to some extent. 

However, trainers need to engage with employees on a personal level and do certain exercises to impact better learning outcomes. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap it up. Training videos have become really popular. Above, we shared the most popular training video topics around which companies are creating their training videos. 

Video training serves as a creative instrument to engage workers. Plus, it’s immensely valuable for the Knowledge management system of any organization. 

So, start creating videos to train your employees. 

Good luck!