10 Pranks To Drive Your Sister Crazy

Sisters can be the sweetest people on earth or the most annoying ones. They can be our best friends or our worst enemies. And when it comes to prank wars, they can indeed be the latter. So if you are in a prank war with your sister, you could use some help from us! Even if you’re not in a prank war and just bored and stuck with her at home, you can always start one with these exciting prank ideas on our list. Trust us, it’s going to get messy – but it will surely be hilariously worth it! 

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1. Prank Call

Living in the same house with your sister makes them know the sound of your voice as much as they see the back of their hand. So, prank calls aren’t exactly easy to make especially if you have your number saved on their phone, right? But, don’t worry because we are no longer using grandma’s old telephone to mess with our sisters through hilarious calls in the age of smartphones. All we need is a trusty prank call app that has a  spoof call feature like Ownage Pranks!  

What is a spoof call, you ask? It’s a fantastic feature in prank call apps that collects your necessary information and hides it all under a fake caller ID. This way, you won’t be needing a new burner phone or a new number. You’ll be safe under one app. Suppose you’re not exceptionally skilled or talented in voice acting. In that case, you’re still in luck because Ownage Pranks also has a voice-changing feature so you can say whatever you like without your sister recognizing you. Cool, huh? 

2. Kool-Aid Shoes Prank

Is she more on the fashionista side and has a couple of favourite pairs of shoes? This harmless prank may be just perfect for her! If you didn’t know yet, Kool-Aid has a unique dyeing property that some people even use this refreshing drink as a DIY hair colour! Now, head to the kitchen and grab the classic red packet. Sprinkle a generous amount into the insides of her shoes so she wouldn’t notice immediately. This works best if she’s not an avid sock-wearer and or she owns a pair of boots! She’ll be surprised by how her feet are going to be violently painted red afterwards!

3. Sparkly Tresses Prank

Aren’t shampoos promising to give smooth, soft, and SHINY hair? It’s hard to find ones that are living up to the promise, isn’t it? So be a peach and purchase some glitter from your local craft store and mix it with the contents of her favourite shampoo. It’s not that easy to notice especially if she showers fast. She will most of the time do her shower routine out of habit and not observe the glittery shampoo anymore, so the more you put – the merrier! Watch her leave the bathroom with such beautiful tresses that it glistens! 

4. Book Pages Prank

Is your sister a fan of fictional novels? Nothing more annoying than spending hours reading a book just not to know what the ending is, isn’t it? Try to observe where she’s at in the pages. Once you see, she’s three-quarters done with it; that’s when you know you should be attacking. It means she likes the book enough to finish it up to the last page! When she’s not looking, cleanly tear the ending page and the page before it. It has to be clean so she wouldn’t notice the missing pages right away. Subtly watch her as she nears the end and just witness her lose her mind for wanting more! If you are feeling extra, you can go the extra mile with this prank by hosting a mini-treasure hunt for her. (Just make sure she wouldn’t look up the internet and just download an electronic copy to know what’s written at the end.)

5. Netflix Prank

It’s only expected that families share the same Netflix account with different profiles for each family member. Go to the settings and switch your names and display photos, and they will be confused as to why their recently-watched shows aren’t loading. 

If you want a more simple Netflix prank, you can just access her profile, see what she’s been watching recently and skip the episodes forward. Ensure the show she’s currently watching is a show she’s binge-watching for the first time and not just re-watching her favourite series. For example, she’s only on the third season and fourth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race – try going as far as the eighth or ninth episode. When she logs back in, she’ll think she’s just right where she left off and would be surprised little by little on the sequence of events. Worse, she’ll even have to encounter spoilers! Yikes. 

6. Hollowed-out Watermelon Prank

Find yourselves chilling on a hot summer day? It’s the best time for cold and juicy slices of watermelon! While you are all basking under the sun or having the best time outdoors, sneak into the kitchen and slice the watermelons yourself. Now, scrape out the insides of the watermelon and leave the outer flesh hanging. The key here is to make it look as covert as possible. Make sure it still looks as full and juicy as before, not to raise suspicion. When you’re done, offer it to your sister and watch her sink her teeth into what she thinks is a fresh, fleshy, and sweet fruit but is, in reality, just 20% air and 90% fruit. What a new surprise of nothing, isn’t it?

7. Sealed Toiletries Prank

This is another prank that is easy to do especially if you share a bathroom. Since she’s your sister, you probably know when she usually bathes, so make sure to do this before she steps inside the bathroom for a shower. Grab a few small sheets of saran wrap from the kitchen and bring them with you to the bathroom. Now, unscrew the lids of her favourite toiletries like her favourite shampoo, conditioner, or body wash. Once unscrewed, place the film of saran wrap over the hole and screw the lid back. Make sure to do a few tests by trying to squeeze the bottle upside down. Once nothing leaks, you’ll know it’s all sealed, and you’re good to go!

8. Fake Poop Prank

Any sight of poop will drive back anyone who sees it. And your sister is no exception! If you are lucky enough to live in an area where novelty shops are, then try dropping by to find a good, rigid and disgusting piece of realistic-looking fake poop. If you don’t live in such an area, you can always find some on the internet. Don’t have a budget? Don’t worry! You can always improvise by using hardened peanut butter or melted chocolate from your home pantry. Once you have good material already, you’re onto the easy part by leaving these poop in places where she will typically look. Try leaving it in her closet, her drawer, or even in one of her shoes. Fake poop will never fail to give you the reaction you are looking for!

9. Fake Adoption Prank

This, in our opinion, is the cruellest prank on this list – but it is surprisingly so easy to do! You can always search “Adoption Papers” on Google, and hundreds of results will meet you. Find anything you like and download the file. Fill the blanks out with your sister’s information and print it when it’s done! Plus points if there are fake stamps to show authenticity. Put it inside a folder or envelope to make it look like it was hidden for safekeeping a long time ago. The rest is up to your acting skills to show how you found a secret that will change your family forever. Don’t blame us if the prank was too good that it caused your sister’s waterworks!

10. Where Are My Things Prank

One of the sibling pranks that never gets old is hiding each other’s things for no reason. When they come home from school, sneak into their school bag and hide the items in different places – leaving a treasure hunt around your house. Of course, once they search their bag, ready to do their homework, they’re going to have to go through your quest first! 

The more straightforward thing is to hide their favourite things like their phone or any favourite gadget. This will be annoying for them but hilarious for you – and that’s what matters! *evil grin*

And these are the ten epic pranks you can do to your sister! Pro tip: it’s best to strike when she’s in a good mood, for there are higher chances that they will enjoy the prank too and not take it badly. For whatever you do, keep it safe – and happy pranking!

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