10 Things You Never Knew About Emeralds

Emeralds are the most authentic, precious, and widely recognized gemstones. The jewel industry is overjoyed when certain discovery is made of a stone or high carat gemstone. It is not that hard to extract the gemstone but the cutting and shaping of the product are crucial. While you decide and finalize a design to buy your emerald jewelry. You must be getting curious, about the things that are amazing about this gemstone.

The wide variety of designs and catalogs may confuse you but you should not be just scrolling down without gifting yourself one of the most amazing gifts of your life. The green color is pure and a symbol of true love. People worldwide adore this color and so does the jewelry industry. It is one of the most amazing stones that you can have or gift someone special.

Here is an exclusive list of interesting facts about emeralds.

1. Emerald is Rarer than Diamond

Diamonds are precious stones for human beings and women are just fascinated by them. Well, men too are diamond loves, we should change this perspective that jewelry is limited to females. Green-colored gemstone when worn along a nice 22k gold ring can give you a little goose bump. The obvious reason could be the big question that comes along with the ring. In case it is an emerald engagement ring. This precious one is considered as rarest than the diamond.

2. Softest Gem on Planet Earth

Stone and soft do not go together. Emeralds are the softest ones, the green color gemstone can give you all the reason of amazement. It is one of the properties of this magical gemstone, it is very soft and one needs to handle it with care.

3. Darker the More Expensive

The basic tone of emerald is green as the shade gets lighter the price decreases and on the other hand if the shade increases it gets expensive. Emerald jewelry for women should be of a darker shade. As the rarest is considered the best. The solitaire cut can also hinder the shade of stone. The better the shade, the more will be the impact of the gemstone on your life People often feel amazed you witness dark green-blue emerald which is one of the rarest ones. The gemstone which is finely aged and preserved in the right geographical environment often has a darker shade in comparison to those which are extracted at an early stage.

4. The Majority of Emeralds are Extracted from Columbia

The country of origin of emerald is Egypt but fifty percent of total emerald is extracted from Columbia. Your next emerald ring might be of Columbian origin. The most fascinating piece of jewel for you. There are big mines located in the country and it is one of the major occupations of people to work and extract stones from the mountains and mines. Chivor, Muzo, and Cascuez are the three well-known mines of Columbia.

5. Flawless Emeralds are Considered Common

The flaws of emerald are valued beyond your imagination. The industry welcomes and accepts the flaws of green-colored gemstones. The next time you buy an emerald look for the flaws which will increase the worth of your purchase. You can also witness the flaws without any magnifying glass, just a bare watch is sufficient

6. Largest Bahia Emerald Is 1383.93 Carat

The largest and most priced emerald of the world was discovered in 2011, It has created a benchmark carat value which is eyed by emerald collectors worldwide. You cannot use it as an accessory but you can get a glimpse of the same. It is one of the most famous stones in the world and has grabbed the attention of people worldwide.

7. Anniversaries in the USA are Incomplete Without Emerald Jewelry

The 22nd, 35th, and 55th wedding anniversary celebrations are considered incomplete without exchanging emerald engagement rings. The infinity band, promise ring, wedding ring and ring of love can be used during such celebrations

8. Emerald is the Birthstone of the Month of May

If a beautiful girl wears an emerald necklace that certainly means she is born in the month of May. It is the most amazing accessory that anyone can read during their special days including the big days. It is the stone that can add a little edge to your personality and can even help you become a better version of yourself.

9. Emeralds are Linked to Goddess of Love

People of Egypt strongly believe in the Goddess of Love and it is considered she loved these green-colored gemstones. As per archaeologists, emeralds were found in the grave of many mummies that are present in Egypt.

10. The First Mining of Emeralds was Done in 1500BC

Yes, it is earlier than any world war and back when people rarely knew anything about their planet, the way they know it now.

Everyone knows the importance and worth of these rare pieces of stones that are easily sold at a very high price and as a result, people have doubt about the originality of the ones that are freely traded.

The emerald facts mentioned above are impactful and you will be getting all the reasons to discuss your gemstone with your peers. The amazing stone will be giving you the required amount of fortune and good luck to have all the possibilities as you lead your path in life. You have endless options to wear emerald in form of rings, earrings, pendants, or bracelets. Further different cuts and design creates more diversity to the range.


The emerald is the best gemstone that can help you speak yourself completely, your choices reflect your personality completely. Go for the best one to outshine yourself and help you stand out from the crowd. The latest way is to make the most of the available situation. Purchase your favorite design from a reliable online brand and check the details such as certification and originality of the product.

The most commonly bought jewel pieces online include emerald rings, you can even try them out before finalizing the deal. This unique opportunity is offered widely for complete satisfaction. Make the most out of it and do not forget to check the return and exchange policy. Happy shopping!

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