10 Types of Employee Recognition Awards

Knowing how to recognize employees can be difficult, but it is an essential part of any business. Employee awards are one way to show your appreciation for the hard work put in by your staff members. Here are ten types of awards that will give you some ideas on how to reward your team.

It is important to remember that the type of business you are in should be considered when choosing an employee recognition award. Different industries might need different rewards. Some awards may even need pre-approval from your company’s board or executive team before they can be awarded to employees. This list includes a few ideas for each category:

Employee Recognition Award

The first on our list of ten types of recognition awards are the ever-popular trophy-style recognition award. These trophies come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. But usually include some engraving with words like “Outstanding Employee Award” or “Employee of the Month.” These trophies can be given to employees that have gone above and beyond in their position or for showing up and doing a good job.

Employee-of-the-month Award

A traditional choice that has been around forever but still holds up today! This can be given monthly, quarterly, or weekly, depending on how often you’d like this type of reward given out. Consider creating a plaque with engraved details about why they were chosen, as well as their name/picture.

The award can be as simple as a handwritten note from the manager or as lavish as a framed portrait. Besides being an inexpensive option, it allows employees to know that they are valued and recognized regularly.

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Company Culture Award

This type of recognition includes anything from custom-made scarves with your business logo embroidered into them to beautiful oil paintings featuring scenes from around your office. This type of reward will help bring life back into your company culture! The more unique it gets, the better because you want these awards to stand out, so everyone remembers who they were awarded to.

Executive Gifts & Appreciation Award

These gifts are always lovely to have on hand.

This type of recognition award can be anything from a pricey bottle of whiskey to engraved watches or cufflinks for your high-ranking employees or even put up a employee recognition wall in your office. For customized employee recognition wall, you can learn more about the company here: https://www.donorsigns.com/.

. These types of awards will show executives how much you appreciate everything they do for your business.

Tokens or Trinkets

These are given as prizes from contests organized within organizations across various industries. This form of reward may be monetary-based, such as gift cards. But some employers prefer non-monetary rewards like free movie passes or passes to amusement parks.

Paid Time Off

Perhaps the most apparent reward but still worth mentioning because who doesn’t love extra days off?! Paid vacation/personal leave can be given out as an employee recognition gift when people have been working hard. Additionally, these awards are usually only given out during certain times throughout the year (like after major holidays or milestones). This adds even more excitement/meaning behind it all.

Gift Cards

For those who don’t want to spend a lot on an employee recognition reward but want them to know that you value them – gift cards are sometimes all you need! They make excellent rewards for birthdays, holidays, or any day depending on what card you choose/how often this is an award. Donate these types of awards ahead of time with a company card, or give them out whenever the mood strikes you.

Team-building Activities

Special group events help break up work-life with something fun! This helps foster teamwork among workers while giving them a chance to have some laughs together outside of their daily routine. Themed team-building games often do the trick here. For instance, dodgeball, laser tag, bowling, etc., depending on your location/budget constraints. If you’re feeling extra generous, consider going all out by having lunch catered, so everyone gets to eat together before calling it a day.

Weekend Retreats

This type of reward should only be given out every once in a while. Weekend retreats are great ways to thank employees for work well done. Also, you can reward them during challenging times by giving something back and taking their mind off things, even if for a few days.

Customizable Coffee Mugs

Every morning you see your co-workers walk into the office with their cup of coffee or tea. Why not reward them by giving them an award mug after completing a project? This will let them know how much you care about what they do! Plus, they can use this as part of their daily routine, so everyone knows who gets recognized at the office first thing in the morning! Not only does this make them feel appreciated, but it also makes the office a fun place to work.

Final Thought

Employee awards are an effective way to recognize and appreciate your employees. They motivate the employee, raise morale in the workplace. Also, increase productivity and can help with retention by showing appreciation for what they do.

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