10 Ways to Increase the Attractiveness of Your Rental Property

Renters looking for a place to call their own want it to feel clean, organized, and worthy of being called home. The trick is differentiating between what’s needed to make your space appropriate for renters and what you would do if this were your own home.

Of course, making any rental property more attractive is a positive move, but it’s also important to be aware of what you can do to make your space stand out. After all, improving the appearance of your property shouldn’t break your bank.

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There are many ways to increase the attractiveness of your rental property, some are low-cost or even free. Here are ten ideas to make your space more attractive without resorting to impractical upgrades:

1. Replace worn carpets with hardwood or tile floors

Carpets are a magnet for stains, dirt, and dust. They can also build up mildew over time if they’re not properly cared for. For the best interest of your renter, replace that carpet with something harder. Tile or wood floors are harder to clean but will retain their luster longer than carpets.

2. Remove unnecessary furniture

In a home you own, that chair or desk is practical and comfortable. In a rental property, it can be an eyesore. Remove whatever furniture isn’t necessary for the space to look open and inviting because renters don’t want to feel like they’re walking into someone else’s home.

3. Invest in high-quality appliances and kitchenware

Renters aren’t impacted by a wonky stove or the inconvenience of a broken dishwasher in the same way that homeowners are. They simply want to prepare and eat their food without hassle, which is why rental property kitchens need to have high-quality appliances and cookware.

4. Paint the walls neutral or monochromatic colors

Paint the walls neutral colors like creamy yellow, light gray, or beige. This will make your rental property seem more spacious and it also allows renters to use their own furniture and accessories to give the space their personal touch. Or you could go with a monochromatic color scheme that gives a sleek, finished look without the commitment of painting every wall.

5. Replace old light fixtures with modern styles

Lighting is integral to creating certain moods in a space. Whatever lighting isn’t necessary should be replaced by more modern pieces or removed completely for an airy, open feeling that’s desirable in rental properties.

6. Add new bed linens and pillows

Linens and pillows are an easy, affordable way to make your rental property feel more comfortable. If you’re renting your space furnished, invest in new bed linens that reflect current trends like microfiber or simple hues, like white.

7. Hang framed art on the wall

Hang framed prints or pictures of artwork on the walls. The art you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be an investment piece – just something to add a pop and give your space inspiration for renters who don’t want anything bland, boring, or uninspired in their home. Consider adding artworks by local artists if you’re trying to showcase your city’s culture.

8. Maintain the property inside and out

Tenants want to know that you’re serious about maintaining your rental property. If lawns are properly mowed, there are no broken windows or doors, and the paint isn’t peeling off the walls, they’ll be more inclined to sign a rental agreement with you. So, make it a point to do lawn and landscape maintenance regularly to make your property more attractive.

9. Meet potential tenants face-to-face

Meeting potential renters in-person shows them that you’re interested in making their transition as smooth as possible. It also allows you to answer any questions they may have, direct them to your website or an online listing, and makes it more likely for them to want to live in your property.

But be sure to take some time to clean and declutter your property before meeting with them. Otherwise, you risk coming off as unprofessional and irresponsible. So, don’t make the mistake of leaving your junk out in the open when meeting with potential renters.

10. Update your property’s amenities

Updating your amenities shows potential renters that you’re invested in making their stay as comfortable as possible. If you have a pool, for example, make sure it’s clean and inviting. If not, consider adding an outdoor kitchen or fire pit to the lawn. And never neglect your laundry facilities – if they don’t work well or are out of place, renters won’t want to use them.

By making your rental property more attractive, you’ll have better luck in finding tenants and be able to keep it in great condition for longer periods. It might seem like a lot to do, but it will definitely pay off in the end when the passive cash flow from your rental property becomes a lot more lucrative.

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