Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to boost your business in today’s date. There are many aspects to it but an essential one is SEO – which is Search Engine Optimization. It encompasses measures and techniques which allow your website and webpages to rank better on Search Engine Result’s Page (SERP) whenever there is a relevant query.

Here is a list of some essential technical SEO tools that would strengthen and simplify your SEO strategy:

Google Search Console

This is one of the best yet most underrated SEO tools. Google Search Console is a free resource to both monitor and troubleshoots your website’s appearance, and also see backlinks, submit sitemaps, and fix errors.

Through this tool, you can learn the Keywords for which your website is ranking for at the moment. You can also learn how many of your website’s pages are currently ranked on Google while also submitting pages for indexing. It also allows you to check your website’s mobile-friendliness while giving you access to metrics like click-through-rate, impressions, and positions.

Google Analytics

Another free tool by Google to help you boost your SEO game. It has a paid version, too, but that is not necessary for creating a good SEO strategy. It is one of the best tools to analyze your consumer’s behavior. Unlike the common misconception, it is not enough for leads to just find your website – they should convert, too.

Through this tool, you can find- organic and non-organic traffic, engagement metrics, engagement metrics, page exit metrics, conversion rates, and more. You can use all of this data to optimize your website for better engagement and conversion.


As any provider of digital marketing services in Lucknow, Delhi, London, or New York would tell you, SEMrush is one of the most powerful SEO tools available today. It has both free and paid plans but to get maximum benefits out of it, paid plans are recommended.

There are numerous features it offers to users, the best of which is its SEO Toolkit. It allows users to build backlinks, identify all the necessary keywords, and see the content of PPC ads of your competitors and so much more.


Ahrefs is one of those tools that you can use to analyze your website’s SEO completely. The many tools this paid resource provides can be used to analyze and better your content.

This amazing tool provides you with accurate backlink analysis, the performance of your webpages, discover high-performing webpages under particular keywords and subjects, monthly volume as well as click-through-rate of keywords, and identify technical glitches through its site audit feature. You can also analyze your competitions and their backlinks through its features.

Moz Bar

There are both paid and free versions available for this SEO tool with the paid one called MOZ Pro. It is a one-pit-stop tool to help increase your business’s search ranking. This tool is one of the best ways to analyze your website’s authority in its domain – it literally gives you a domain authority score that predicts the likelihood of your website on SERP.

It helps you identify SEO opportunities, duplicate content, redirects, etc that are affecting your web pages.


Authority is an important part of SEO and SERP but unfortunately, there are no official metrics to analyze it. That is where Majestic comes in. It is an SEO tool that would help you build authority in your domain.

This tool is used for both link building as well as analysis. For link-building, it focuses on 3 aspects –

  • Trust Flow, which checks if the link is of good quality, and from a high-end website
  • Citation Flow – which checks the volume of links that lead to your website, and
  • Visibility Flow – which checks the number of editorial styles links from respected and trusted websites.

Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool is one of the essential SEO tools today, ask any SEO company in Lucknow, Gurgaon, New York, San Francisco, or any other location in the world. As the number of users who access the Internet solely through the phone increases, Google has started ranking mobile-friendly websites better on their SERP.

Use this tool to make your website mobile-friendly via testing it. It measures the ease of navigation and reading – both of which are essential. It also provides you suggestions to improve your website and make it more user-friendly for mobile device users.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is the SEO tool you need to simplify your URL examining process. It shortens the length of examining your URLs and identifying SEO issues that are there by crawling them in a fraction of the time it would have taken to do it manually.

You can use this tool to identify redirects, duplicate content or pages, Meta refreshes, etc. It also helps you analyze and identify the pages in your website that do need indexing on search engines as these might harm your rankings.

Webpage test

Webpage Test is one of the oldest SEO tools available today. It came out in 2008 as a web page performance testing tool originally but it is now used for SEO. It is the details that count and this tool helps you analyze those small things which might often be overlooked. It does its work by running all kinds of performance tests for your website. These can help you identify slow elements, 3rd party elements, and even errors.

Web Developer Toolbar

Every web browser today offers many developer tools. It offers you many resources from debugging your website to testing the loading time of your website on different browsers. These can be used to test the site’s responsiveness on mobile and desktop among other things.

Google Page Speed Insights

The speed of your website plays a significant role in the ranking of your website. It impacts both the bounce rate as well as session time, both of which influence the SEO of the page. You can use Google’s Page Speed Insights to better your website in this regard. Many website owners are focused solely on chasing the perfect 100 score on this tool but the best way to utilize it is by using their recommendations.

The tool provides many insights that you can use to optimize your website for better results.


Now, that you have a list of essential technical tools, make the best use of them for creating and implementing an effective SEO strategy. You don’t need to use all of them to get results but whichever ones you do use, make sure that you’re using their tools correctly and to their complete potential, so that you don’t miss out on important metrics and resources.

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