12 Tips for Dealing with Menopause

The article below is a list of things you can do to help with menopause. Some of these might not apply to every person, but they should give you an idea of what others are doing that could work for you too. As every woman will go through it one day, you should be well-informed in managing the symptoms and taking care of your body through every stage.

1. See your doctor

See your doctor and ask if it’s possible for you to start hormone treatment. We all know that we can’t use them forever, but they do help immensely in the beginning and throughout some of the more difficult stages of menopause. Your doctor can also tell you what other treatments are available for you. Some people take supplements and vitamins and even try acupuncture. Lastly, your doctor may give you depression medication if this is an issue for you.

2. Steer clear of caffeine

Studies have shown that women who drink a glass of caffeinated iced tea per day have a much higher chance of going into early menopause than those who do not. In addition, caffeine can increase the frequency and intensity of hot flashes, night sweats, and irregular periods.

3. Get enough rest

Take a nap when you feel tired and try to sleep as much as possible during the night. Try not to stay up too late at night, as sleep deprivation can cause a number of problems that will just make menopause even harder.

4. Exercise regularly

Keep your body active and try to exercise every day without overdoing it. This will not only keep you healthy but also improve your mood and give you more energy to deal with menopause.

5. Eat right

While it’s okay to indulge a little during this time, you should also make sure you eat healthy foods. Focus on whole grains and fruits and vegetables first, as these are all high in antioxidants that will keep your immune system strong enough to fight off any illness that comes your way.

6. Have sex regularly for relief from hot flashes

Hot flashes are the most common symptom of menopause and it’s been shown that women who have regular sex can reduce their frequency and intensity by up to 70%. The hormone serotonin is released during orgasm, which causes blood vessels in the skin to expand and cool down your body. Sex is also beneficial for the health of your vagina, stimulating blood flow, and maintaining elasticity.

7. Stay out of the heat

Heat can be brutal on women in menopause, so avoid it at all costs. If that means not working outside or wearing more clothes than normal, then so be it. Little things that you don’t normally think of can cause hot flashes, like driving with your windows down or getting sunburned.

8. Wear loose clothing

If possible, wear baggy clothes and avoid tight jeans, belts, and leggings. This will help keep your body cool while not restricting blood flow to certain areas, which can cause hot flashes. In general, just try to be as comfortable as you can be in your clothes.

9. Stay connected with your family and friends

Surround yourself with good friends and family members who will understand what you’re going through. Loneliness can be a major factor in menopause symptoms for women, so socializing with the people around you is important to staying happy and healthy.

10. Take a multivitamin

You’ll usually hear doctors suggest calcium, but it’s also helpful to take a multivitamin if you can’t eat properly or get enough nutrients in your diet. Women need more B vitamins than men and it’s important not to let yourself run out of them, so taking a vitamin is something to consider.

11. Be open to yourself about this experience

Don’t freak out if you find yourself crying a few times or even all day. A lot of women have emotional issues during menopause that they don’t want to talk about with anyone. It’s okay to feel sad and lonely at times, as this is just your hormones adjusting to the changes in your body.

12. Be patient

You can’t expect your body to change overnight, but it will happen eventually if you are patient and stick to these tips. As long as you take care of yourself, everything will work out in the end and you’ll get through it.

We hope these 12 tips will help you get through this rough time in your life. Menopause can be a tough experience, but as long as you take care of yourself and stay open to it, everything should work out for the best! Persevere through it, stay patient, and don’t forget about the support that your loved ones can give you.

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