14 of the Most Magical Unicorn Gift Ideas for All Ages

The unicorn trend is back and as enchanting as ever! Complete with sparkles, glitter, and pastel rainbows, unicorns have left their hoofprint on the world once again. Only this time, unicorns are just as much for kids as they are for the young at heart.  

Looking for the perfect unicorn gift for a special someone? Here are 14 of the most magical unicorn gift ideas for all ages. From adult-themed coloring books to pool floats, there is something for everyone!

1. Unicorn Mugs

Give a gift that starts the day off right, sipping coffee or tea from these cute unicorn mugs from Natural Life. With a sweet sentiment written on the side that says “Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle,” it makes the perfect gift for a close friend or even your sister. Plus, there are tons more cute unicorn-themed items on their site! 

2. Unicorn Bath Wrap Robe

This unicorn bath wrap from Pottery Barn allows kids to get dry after their bath. Complete with a hood that looks like a unicorn head, you can make kids’ bath time more colorful and enchanting with this unicorn towel-like robe. 

3. Unicorn Cosmetic Brushes

If you have a sister who’s into trying new makeup or loves to collect cosmetic accessories, give them this set of iridescent makeup brushes. Made to resemble unicorns’ twisted horns, these brushes offer cruelty-free bristles that offer a soft and gentle application. Plus, the set comes with its own pink carrying case.  

4. Unicorn Bath Sprinkles

This is for kids and adults alike who just want to enjoy a nice, long bubble bath. Do a quick search on Etsy for some homemade bath sprinkles, and you’ll find anything from cotton-candy-scented salts to unicorn dust crumbles to complete a luxurious, relaxing bath hour. You can buy balloon bouquets to decorate your party specially. 

5. Unicorn Pillows

To spruce up a bedroom of someone who loves unicorns, give them this flashy reversible sequin pillow that transitions from solid-colored silver sequins to a picture with the face of a unicorn, simply by rubbing your hand across. Pottery Barn Teen also offers a unicorn-shaped sequin pillow that offers a more classy look, complete with iridescent sequins and stuffed with sustainable cotton for the Earth-friendly, animal-loving friend or sister. 

6. Unicorn Shoes

Give a gift that allows them to step out in style—with unicorn-print shoes! These classic Converse high-top Chucks offer a sweet print of prancing unicorns and shooting stars. They even have a printed white unicorn on the sole that can be seen when you kick up your feet. 

7. Unicorn Slippers

If you’re not sure what size of shoe to get, you can always stick with a universal size like slippers! Available in both kid and adult sizes, these ultra-plush unicorn slippers light up in the cheeks in a rainbow of colors, allowing you to see as you make your way to the kitchen for a midnight graze. You can walk around with them in the morning as you drink from your unicorn mug, showing off their pastel rainbow mane and metallic horn. 

8. Yogi Unicorn Water Bottle

If you have a friend who loves yoga as much as unicorns, this unicorn water bottle is a clear winner! With a cute illustration of a unicorn in a yoga pose, they will love to carry this double-walled and vacuum-insulated water bottle to their next yoga session and show off their undying love for the majestic and graceful unicorn. 

9. Unicorn Color Books

If your recipient is an artsy type, make sure to get them some unicorn-themed coloring books. Made for adults, these coloring books offer a way for them to unwind after a long day and take on some mindfulness activities. Check out UnicornLife and How Unicorn Swear. (As mentioned, these books are specifically for adults!)

10. Piggy Bank

Check out this adorable Melissa & Doug piggy bank. Made of resin and packaged with everything you need to dress it up—glitter glue, six paint colors, and a paintbrush—this unicorn makes the perfect craft project for children. They are even affordable enough that you could buy them for a kid’s birthday as a party gift for all the guests. 

11. Unicorn Jewelry

Adults can love unicorns too, although we tend to be more subtle about it, instead of screaming it from the mountaintops. So, why not wear some understated unicorn jewelry to express your inner child? 

Take a look at this lovely Unicorn Necklace by Hundred River. It makes a wonderful gift for a friend. Just make sure they make a wish before clasping it around their neck. If you want to bestow a more luxurious gift, then go with this gold-tone-plated unicorn bracelet from Swarovski, made with sweet charms of a rainbow and a unicorn, complete with signature Swarovski multi-colored crystal embellishments. 

12. Unicorn Float

On the flip side, if you’re more of a loud and proud adult fan of unicorns, go all-out with this inflatable unicorn pool float from Get Floaty. With its high-quality Soft Touch™ vinyl, it is made to support adults. Plus, with its quick inflatable double valves, you’ll be able to tame and ride this mythical beast in no time.

13. Unicorn Affirmation Cards

This unicorn Affirmators! 50-card set offers the perfect unicorn gift idea for friends who need a little boost and guidance from the wisest of all creatures—the unicorn. Since unicorns are seen as spiritual guides and guardians, each card offers a humorous affirmation and cheerful rainbows to banish bad moods and thoughts. 

14. Unicorn Tears Rose Wine

Last, but not least, give a bottle of Unicorn Tears wine by Gik vineyards. And it’s not just any rosé, it’s a pastel-hued, cotton-candy pink-colored rosé. If you give a bottle of wine as a gift, you might as well add in a wine tumbler to go along with it. Check out this glimmering, holographic-like Unicorn Magic Stemless tumbler from Corkcicle, complete with four magical color choices like Pixiedust and Moondance.  

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