1415 Versus 1445 in Terms of Rewards and Honing Cost in Lost Ark

We are going to have some bikini skin at some point. It will be very simple if you have completed the normal mode with a score of 14 15 500 before the game’s release. It is possible to reach 14:30 in just four weeks. Yaki’s normal mode doesn’t need a real gear setting, you really don’t need Yaki’s normal mode to be super simple.

This should not be difficult for me to accomplish even without the legacy gear set bonus. The legendary, uh, legendary Lost Ark Valtan setting ought to be sufficient on its own. You should know that the four-piece set ought to be sufficient. It is not difficult to kiss. I’d like to think we’re back to normal mode, or at least I hope we are. I’ll be able to reach 1445 mode. Well, so that’s how my plan is, when the VR key is released two weeks after four o’clock, two virtual reality keys, if Kuku says that after four weeks of viaki, sans is released and if they release a bus almost every four weeks, then when coco Satan is released, I’ll kill him in terror mode. To tell you the truth, I do not believe that they will take pleasure in playing the game on Saturn.

To get to 1475, they might have to postpone a little bit of time, or they might send some materials to people to get there as quickly as possible, so they can know, but to tell you the truth, we should just wait and see what happens. It is still a long way off, and we have a good amount of time left, so after that, I’d like to show you this picture that I made, which is essentially of the present moment, right? This time, you have a choice between the normal mode for four weeks or the higher mode five times over for four weeks. What number of goals you get from it, how many cushions you get, and so on are all relevant questions. You are the only one who can decide if it is a worthwhile Lost Ark gold sale.

However, the gold of 1450, the gold of the normal mode, and additionally the gold of Argos are all included in this, is that correct? Remember this, and also keep in mind that the amount that you have to spend on the bonus box has already been deducted from your total. This is the objective you reach after completing 1415 normal modes and Argos in a period of four weeks; the total reward is 12800 gold. Because there will be 70,600 gold around five difficult modes, the difference between the two amounts is 4800 gold. 

If you only consider this gold, it is not worth it; however, it is obvious that if I set this mod to a higher level, it will reduce this, and it will reduce the number of materials needed to make you. What is the cultural relic gear set, but if we’re being completely honest, the real gear set doesn’t really require us to be completely honest, right? Perhaps there is a need for it to be harmonious. I don’t think you really need about four or two sets; at least, I’m not sure; however, I am familiar with the cuckoo plate.

You do realize that you actually need at least four or six sets, right? It’s going to take a lot of work, boss. That’s at least what I’ve been told, so I don’t think it will be, but I don’t need two plates of artifacts in the normal mode of Vieques, so I don’t care too much, so if you just look at the gold, it’s not worth it now, and the guardian stone, so you’ll actually get a lot of math in four weeks. This is a mathematical quantity that is obtained when comparing normal mode and higher mode, and the difference can be expressed as follows: In order to determine how much gold is worth, I use my most recent valuation. This is a general goal in my region, and it includes this specific goal, which represents a difference of approximately 15000 gold. To tell you the truth, there aren’t that many. In a span of just four weeks, that’s not very many. I believe I am capable of achieving more goals.

Well, just sell my materials, It’s really not that much, but we do have something, so there’s that. Uh, what is it again? You’re going to fall further if you turn the cardboard over. You need to put down more mods for your relic equipment and other similar things, so yes, you need to ask yourself, and you need to make your own decision, but in my opinion, it’s really not worth it at all. After reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of why I don’t think it’s worth it, but in all honesty, you should do whatever you want. Regarding the comments, please do not bother me. Could you? Following that, I’d like to discuss the cost of honing between 1415 and 1445.

Reddit and Korean-language online communities are where I discovered this information. I put in a lot of effort to get the materials and the number of goals to be as accurate as possible, but to tell you the truth, the circumstances of each player will be unique, which will largely depend on the lock that you choose, so this will not be very accurate. Keep in mind, however, that in just five minutes, 60,000 Lost Ark gold online coins can be converted into 5,000,000 silver coins. The privilege of haunting, er, 200,000 pieces of debris and 550,000 guardian stones.

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