15 Best Image Gallery Plugins For WordPress

We all know how effective photos can be in terms of generating attention and engagement. The more high-quality photos you can fit into a website design without it being cluttered, the more appealing it will be. WordPress can handle a large number of pictures at once, but the built-in tools are lacking in terms of functionality and speed. This is the ultimate list of the finest and most free gallery plugins to test in 2021. But before we dive into the list, we should first know what we are looking for.

What is a WordPress gallery plugin?

A decent WordPress picture gallery plugin will handle a variety of gallery formats, as well as videos and photos. Each of these plugins also works well within WordPress, has excellent speed, does not impede page load times, and allows you a lot of flexibility when it comes to incorporating galleries into your site design with no effort.

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How to figure out which plugin to use?

There are a plethora of WordPress picture gallery plugins to select from. As a result, we’ve created a list of the most important characteristics to look for while evaluating these WordPress picture gallery plugins.

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Everyone’s circumstance is unique, so to restrict your search, select the most critical qualities for you from the list below:

  • A variety of gallery formats, including tiled, mosaic, and masonry.
  • Lightbox viewing allows viewers to see a bigger version of your gallery’s photographs.
  • To compile the photos and divide them into categories, you’ll need a digital download management system.
  • When visitors scroll over your images, utilize animations and other effects to catch their interest.
  • Lazy loading of images for image optimization. If you want to have a lot of photographs on your website, this is a must. It’ll almost certainly boost your site’s performance and make search engines pleased.

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Top 15 image gallery plugins for WordPress:

  • Modula: Modula is a WordPress gallery plugin by Macho Themes that allows you to easily build a visually appealing picture and video galleries. Modula’s extensive customization tools allow you to quickly personalize and customize your gallery to your preference.
  • Foogallery: Another strong performer is FooGallery. It’s strong, with Retina-ready pictures by default, different album kinds, video galleries, and a variety of features to guarantee the gallery doesn’t slow down page load times.
  • Nextgen gallery: NEXTgen has more than 1.5 million new downloads each year, as well as excellent overall ratings. It was created by Imagely, a team of photographic specialists that are well-versed in the field.
  • Envira Gallery: Envira Gallery was built from the bottom up to be as user-friendly as possible while yet providing extensive functionality. There’s a lot to appreciate with a nice drag and drop gallery builder, tonnes of display choices, logical navigation, and WooCommerce integration.
  • Gmedia Photogallery: The Gmedia Picture Gallery plugin may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for new WordPress photo gallery plugins, but it does offer a beautiful appearance and some strong customization capabilities to fit your logo and fulfill the needs of a huge gallery.
  • GT3 Photo and Video Gallery: This gallery integrates inside the WordPress editor to offer tools to the sections you’re already acquainted with, rather than providing its dashboard to handle pictures. You receive the same set of functionality, but they’re all contained within the CMS elements you’re already familiar with.
  • Photo gallery by 10Web: This provides both free and paid plugins, with the main plugin providing basic grid layouts. The admin language is easy to use, and you may upload photographs to your site right away.
  • Jetpack: You can use Jetpack galleries for free, and there are no extra upgrades to worry about. Jetpack is particularly appealing to us since it allows you to disable a large number of additional plugins.
  • Lightbox-gallery: EverlightBox Gallery – Lightbox is a WordPress gallery plugin with a strong social focus. It includes the majority of the display and public relations capabilities you’ll need, as well as several social functions, such as commenting. This could work for you if you’re intending to construct a website around your target demographic.
  • Photogallery by Supsystic: Picture Gallery by Supsystic, like the majority of the other WordPress photo gallery plugins on our list, is a premium plugin that offers a good free version with more capabilities hidden behind the Pro edition. The premium edition costs $39 per year and goes up to $149 per year for unrestricted site support.
  • Robo Gallery: In our list of the top WordPress gallery plugins, Robo Gallery is yet another great contender. Robo Gallery, like GT3 Photo and Video Gallery, integrates with Gutenberg blocks to allow you to construct galleries using WordPress capabilities.
  • Meow Gallery: Meow Gallery has a very simple image upload and sorting process, and creating a gallery just takes a few seconds. To build a variety of galleries, one can easily personalize it.
  • Responsive lightbox and gallery: Thousands of people have installed and rated the Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin. It’s mostly free and has a lot of options. When deciding which features you require the most, there are numerous extensions to consider. Furthermore, some of the addons are entirely free.
  • Everest gallery lite: This is created by the AccessPress Themes team, which has a long history of producing high-quality themes. A site map and a brick layout are among the templates available in the plugin.
  • Portfolio Gallery: Portfolio Gallery adds beautiful galleries to your WordPress site without requiring any technical knowledge. It doesn’t have a Gutenberg block, but the gallery creation procedure just takes a few minutes. Portfolio Gallery makes it easy for both expert users and beginners to create stunning presentations.

Wrap Up

One can outsource WordPress development to a company for ease of understanding. This is not a complete list of the top WordPress gallery plugins. By a long shot, no. Nonetheless, it represents some of the greatest on the economy today now, in our opinion. They strike a mix between strong features and ease of use, picture effects, and quick loading, and the tools and capabilities you’ll need to create high-quality image galleries.

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