2020 Honda HR-V Review in the UAE

Honda is one of the biggest automakers in the world and it enjoys a big customer base in the UAE. A lot of used cars in Dubai are of Honda origin because it’s a very popular name for the Emiratis. The all new version of Honda HR-V is outclassed by its rivals in almost all aspects. 

CarSwitch has brought you a detailed review of this subcompact crossover SUV. 

What is it like to drive?

Sitting in the front seat of the HR-V can make you feel like you are present in a much bigger vehicle. Due to the heightened ride height and outstanding thorough visibility, the HR-V feels like a strong and huge SUV. However, it is definitely manageable in the streets owing to the 10.6 meter turning radius and the compact dimensions. 

The sporty handling is achieved by the poised and fun well-weighted steering. A 4 cylinder engine gives 141 hp. The driver can easily see the surroundings clearly because the positioning of the seat is accurate and there is no big blind spot. The on-road driving experience is substianal because the engine is perfectly powered and big enough for the vehicle’s size. 

A continuously variable transmission offers a smooth and steady acceleration. Moreover, it goes head on at the low speed as well. Although steering is a bit stiff, it complements perfectly to the powertrain which offers a secure and confident behind-the-wheel feel. 

Noise isolation is featured both in the engine and cabin. The 28 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway is a great plus for the gas mileage. 


Bring all your family members in the car because it’s extremely safe to drive! HR-V showcases the standard safety features of lane-departure warning, 6 airbags, high-beam assist, forward-collision alert, parking sensors and reverse camera. 

A function known as the “Lanewatch” takes the place for blind-spot monitoring. This activates the side camera. Even though it could pack some more safety equipment, the car still does good with 5 years of warranty. 


Maximum storage is the priority of the Honda HR-V interior where 5 people can be seated. The back Magic Seats can be folded upwards and downwards which frees up extra space. The folding process is fairly simple and convenient. 


At the front seats, one gets the feeling of sitting inside a premium vehicle which is a blend of functionality and luxury. The second row legroom is huge. Leather elements are felt throughout the SUV along with the use of silver and black plastic.

The area where the crossover SUV beats its competitors is the cargo space. Considering that it is a small SUV, it still offers 437L of space. It is not only big but deep as well which allows you to pack all the extra luggage in. 

The boot area comes with a space-saver spare wheel which is placed underneath the floor. Seats can be configured in different ways. Although the design is a bit dull, the raw materials used are upscale. 

Standard features

A Display Audio infotainment system of 5 inches is standard which consists of Apple CarPlay, a volume knob, front wheel drive, a rearview camera, Android Auto integration and large on-screen icons. In higher trim levels, the screen has the size of 7 inches. The trim levels of Honda HR-V are V LX, V EX, V Sport, V EX-L and V Touring.

Our verdict

From so many options in vehicles to choose from these days, the Honda HR-V is easily a safe choice one can take blindly. It’s new version is the latest shiny toy in the automotive industry which the UAE customers are enjoying a lot. 

It may not be flashy but is highly practical which makes it a great choice. The price of the vehicle starts at $20,820. 

The perks of this crossover SUV can be summarized into an expensive boot, comfortable interior and excellent fuel efficiency. It is also well built and lasts for a long time. 

If you want to view or get more familiar with Honda vehicles, check out the CarSwitch website. You can also sell any car in UAE and purchase your favorite cars at low prices with best quality by visiting our platform. 

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