25 Best Cloud Computing Applications to Boost up Your Business Productivity

Cloud computing, the neatest and the catchiest phrase of today, simply refers to limitless resources and applications that are highly available and accessible via the internet without being installed on your computer. With a variety of segments, each of which promises varied virtualized assets, Cloud computing allows individual users, SMBs, and even Organizations to proficiently maneuver in IT.

However, one of the segments of Cloud computing, in comparison to the rest has literally become way more popular. This segment; SaaS which provides users Software as a Service has several advantages- most of which are highly acclaimed and beneficial, way over traditionally utilized and installed programs.

Cloud Computing Applications – Further Elaborated

You would wonder how Cloud computing can put complete software at one’s disposal when they are not even residing in the Computer. This is possible because, Cloud computing that consists of grids of servers, with the right middleware would store and execute a software/program just as a normal computer would do. All users need to do is to log in their credentials and they are good to go.

The Cloud computing applications provide to users are practically limitless. Everything from generic word processing software, and utility program to totally customized software, designed especially for a specific company or trait, is accessible via a Cloud computing applications system.

Most likely, without being aware of it, you are already using Cloud-based software every day. Take web-based email clients as an example. Your accounts on Hotmail or Gmail are clear examples of Cloud-based programs that store nothing on your computer.

Best Cloud Computing Applications

Just as you would normally integrate programs into your computer for specific purposes, you get all the same applications via a Cloud environment. The only difference is that you wouldn’t have to install or update these applications on your computer, but start using them through the internet with the help of Cloud computing applications.

As mentioned, there are various Cloud computing applications, each best for a distinct purpose. Entrepreneurs for better business functionality can access fully maintained business intelligence and analytics, collaborations, customer management, and accounting tools and software, whereas, tech-savvy marketing evangelists can utilize IT/operations management, planning, and sales software all via Cloud computing applications.

Keeping in mind the most trending SaaS applications of 2013, Cloudreviews, in its traditional style, has compiled a list of some top-notch Cloud computing applications below. For our readers, we have segregated our compilation. See below our recommendation of the best applications for some most important traits of IT and business.

» Business Intelligence and Analytics

The online business intelligence and analytics applications on the Cloud help you attain new insights and metrics regarding your business information and development. There are numerous Cloud computing applications promising plenty of features, however, one of the most common attributes of them is to create and share powerful reports without the need of any technical expertise. Here is our selection of the Top Business intelligence Cloud computing applications.

» Collaboration

The advance and smart collaboration Cloud computing applications let users manage their projects and tasks online. Not only this, users with online collaboration applications can monitor and share their workbench among different users and collaborate their expertise to achieve their prospects. Our nominees for the best Collaboration applications of the Cloud are:

» Communications

Imagine when imperative communication operations of your organization such as customer support, call response, BPO campaigns, etc meet the advanced efficacy of the Cloud. Yes! The innumerable benefits of the Cloud will all be at your disposal along with virtualized instances of these fields. Here is our compilation of 2013s best Cloud computing applications for communication.

» Marketing

There comes a time when for certain businesses the conventional formats and processes of marketing don’t seem to cut their expected leads. That’s where the smart Cloud computing applications for marketing comes in and offer users a fusion of powerful marketing sofwares such as CRM, email marketing, eCommerce, and optimization within one interface.  Here is our recommendation of today’s best marketing Cloud computing applications.

» Finance and Accounting

If you are searching for an easy and secure way to manage your financial information, ERPs, books, and invoices then try the highly functional and smart online Finance and accounting Cloud applications. These Cloud computing applications are specifically designed to meet your needs in banking, monitoring, recording, and reconciling your financial assets and information.

Cloud Computing Cheat Sheet – Why to rely on programs run on Another System?

There are plenty of reasons for you to rely on Cloud computing applications. There are like numerous benefits for you, if you do so, the best of which is the fact that Cloud computing applications don’t eat up your computer’s Disk Space. However, for a broader concept, we have narrated some of the prevalent features and benefits of using Cloud computing applications, below.

  • Users with the help of Cloud computing applications can access their data and carry out their processes from anywhere and at any time. They can utilize any computer which is linked to the internet to access their Cloud computing applications system.
  • Cloud computing applications can literally bring hardware and software expenditures of a company, down. For any powerful application, with Cloud computing applications you wouldn’t have to buy a powerful computer, as well. All you will need is just enough processing and connectivity power so that you can connect to the Cloud.
  • With Cloud computing applications you don’t have to worry about software licenses and updates. All the software of the Cloud are robustly maintained and up to date. Additionally, Cloud computing applications are scalable and users are charged on the basis of their usage.
  • With Cloud computing applications, you don’t have to maintain on-premise storage servers and data centers, just to store your data. You can safeguard your data by putting it into the Cloud that is held with robust security protocols.
  • Cloud computing applications let you standardize your IT infrastructure. The streamlined infrastructure that you get by using Cloud computing applications saves you from the problems of having a network of heterogeneous machines and Software.
  • Cloud computing applications perform as a catalyst for complex processes and calculations that take a lot of computing time on a single machine. With a grid of servers, you can significantly speed up the process by tapping in the power of all processing machines into a single Cloud computing application.


Cloud Computing has literally revolutionized the way we do everything. From business to entertainment, the “anytime & anywhere availability” slogan of the Cloud makes collaborating, sharing, and staying atop of processes simple and achievable. This is possible as Cloud computing applications provide everyone with the sophisticated technology that previously used to be far out of the reach of Ordinary Joe.

Regarding our above-mentioned compilation on Cloud computing applications, we know that lists such as this one encourage healthy debates; however, we would love to see your recommendations as well. So, feel free to comment on your suggestions below.

We know that the above-discussed Cloud computing applications list are not ampl enough to gratify the need of emerging businesses. To explore more Cloud computing applications to cater to your organizational and personal needs – we would suggest you to visit our Cloud computing applications are here. We have complied, organized, and sorted out all, and the best Cloud computing applications available in the market.