3 Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram

In recent years Instagram has become more than just a photo-sharing app. This social media platform has transformed into a place where people can start a business and earn money over the years. Thousands of successful examples became popular through Instagram and made their brand’s name visible worldwide. Users can make money not only by creating and sharing their photos. The process needs effort, including creating a business, using advertisements, engaging the audience, etc.

Here are three proven practical ways to make money on Instagram. 

1. Start an eCommerce business

Instagram provides a bunch of opportunities for the right eCommerce businesses. Especially after the COVID-19 lockdown, online shopping has become very popular, and it was an excellent chance to start a new business. However, people still look for different products to buy on Instagram. 

So, if you want to make money directly from selling products or services, then find a good supplier or a site to have specific consequences for selling (clothing, accessories, books, etc.). Create an Instagram page for promoting your products and use social media trends to make your business engaged and visible. Engaging content, high-quality products, good service, and positive feedback from customers will help you sell products, make money, and increase customers  

2. Become an influencer

Today, Instagram influencers have become very popular and influential in promoting a brand, so many businesses seek their services. However, to become a successful influencer on Instagram and earn money, you need to have active and organic at least 1K followers and a high engagement rate. In addition, if you decide to become an influencer, you need to choose your specific topics, create great content, and build relationships with followers. 

Over time, relevant brands would notice you and pay for promoting their products or services by making a story or post. But remember to be natural and sincere with your content and audience, whether you are promoting fashion jewelry or small business software. And those products that you don’t like or you wouldn’t use by yourself, don’t promote them via your social media account. It will affect your reputation, and you won’t have an opportunity to filter out what to promote, so the brands and audience will lose their trust towards you. 

3. Provide SMM services

Behind every successful business is planned correctly social media marketing. Social media marketing can provide brand awareness, increase sales, and broader the audience. But unfortunately, companies or Instagram accounts still don’t have social media marketing. 

So you can take some courses or seek online videos, learn social media marketing basics, tips, and techniques, and then practice real cases. Then you can provide social media marketing services to businesses or persons who need them. Over time, if you show some positive results, for example, high engagement rate, improved customer service, and more followers, your previous clients will share their feedback about you. Other brands would like to use your professional services too, of course not for free.    


Recently, Instagram turned into a compelling platform for business purposes. It’s already proven that it’s possible to make money through Instagram if you find how to do that work properly, whether it’s an influencer marketing or online shop. If you decide to try our Instagram to make money, do proper market research, choose your niche, and create great content, as Instagram users like active and engaging accounts and are ready to pay money for that. 

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