3 Crucial Questions to Ask to Evaluate Your Website’s Quality

Utah is one of the most popular destinations in the US for outdoor adventures. Locals and foreign tourists frequent the state to visit the year-round recreational spots like Capitol Reef, Zion, and Bryce Canyons. But aside from tourism, the state is also famous for its information technology industry.

IT companies know the importance of the websites to rank high in major search engines like Google. They ensure that they work with the best Utah-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team to help them achieve their online goals.

If your company in Utah is doing everything to reach the top of the search engine rankings, you need to exert more effort to incorporate the best SEO practices. But how will you know if your methods help in improving your site’s rankings and traffic?

Here are several questions that you must ask yourself to ensure that your company has a high-quality website.

Question #1: Is Your Website Easily Crawlable and Indexable? 

One of the most important factors that all Utah-based Search Engine Optimization experts aim for is ensuring that the website is crawlable and indexable.

Google shared that their search engine crawlers look at the web pages and follow links like how users browse the content online. They usually go through links, generate data about these web pages, and take them back to the search engine’s servers.

To check your web pages’ crawlability and indexability, you may use third-party tools like Screaming Frog or look for crawl errors through Google Search Console. You may also check if the mobile version of your page can be crawled faster through Google’s mobile-friendly test. If your site is not crawlable, it means search engine crawlers will also have a hard time crawling it effectively.

Question #2: Does Your Website Have Schema Structure Data When Needed?

Nowadays, having schema is necessary to generate rich snippets on Google. Include structured markup even if your website is not built to support specific structured data elements.

To do this, you may do an entity audit to analyze the standings of your website. If you cannot find anything to show that the site is markup ready, you may add schema to various pages like the Navigation, Logo, Contact Page, and other content elements that are typical in all websites.

It is also important to check if you are using a single data type of schema that works well with Google’s strict standards.

#3: Does Your Website Have A Responsive Design? 

Businesses no longer need separate websites for desktop and mobile. Today, you only need a responsive design to ensure that your target audiences can access the site on any device.

Website designers may use HTML 5 and CSS 3 Media Queries to ensure that their websites have a responsive design.

Also, it is crucial to know if your site is compatible with Google’s mobile-first index. Since mobile traffic is already higher than desktop traffic, your website designer must ensure that the site is easy to access through your users’ mobile phone.

To check if your site is mobile-friendly, you can use Google’s Test My Site tool to know if there are any areas that you need to work on for improvements.

By asking these questions, you can have more chances to do the necessary adjustments to boost your website’s quality. Once the necessary changes are applied, you can have more chances of seeing your site reach the top of the search engine rankings to help your company have better online visibility.

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