3 Important Characteristics to Look for in Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers

The Philadelphia criminal justice system is tedious and one of the most complicated processes you can go through. So, facing criminal charges can be outright traumatic.

Criminal cases are sensitive, and everything you do during the process can affect the outcome of your case. To avoid costly mistakes and give yourself the best chances at a favorable outcome, the first and most logical step to take is to seek legal representation.

The earlier you get a criminal lawyer, the faster they can organize your release and start arranging your defense. That said, getting a criminal lawyer goes beyond having someone to represent you during your hearings. A good part of the work that goes into winning a case happens outside the courtroom. So, you must be thorough when picking your lawyer.

So, what characteristics make for good Philadelphia criminal lawyers?

1. Knowledge and Experience with Philadelphia Criminal Law

After pursuing their law degree and passing the bar exam, lawyers usually branch out to a more specialized area of law. So, if you have a criminal case, you consult a lawyer specialized in criminal cases.

A good criminal lawyer should have an in-depth understanding of federal and Philadelphia criminal law. That means having the proper certifications and licensure to prove they have the proper training.

The lawyer should also have at least a few years of practice in criminal law. More importantly, you should find out if the lawyer you are considering has experience with your type of case.

2. Good Track Record with Criminal Cases

How do you know that the lawyer you pick for your case has a high probability of winning? The surest way to do that is to assess their track record. That is, how many cases have they handled and how many of them have been successful?

The good thing is that most criminal lawyers who have a good track record will be more than happy to provide their statistics. In fact, you should find this information on their website. You can also check client reviews on Yelp or any other review website.

Remember, the percentage of success is more important than the total number of cases handled.

3. Committed and Trustworthy

Criminal cases can be lengthy, frustrating, and even brutal. Prosecutors, in general, are not usually empathetic and will do everything possible to put you behind bars. So, your lawyer should be ready to show his claws when the need arises.

They must stand up to intimidation by prosecutors and the state behind them on your behalf. In most cases, a criminal lawyer’s commitment and aggressiveness can help establish doubt, which is what you need to win.

Winding It Up

Losing a criminal case can result in harsh penalties, including spending the majority or all of your life in prison. So, it is critical that you do everything you can, when you can, to fight your case.

The best way to do that is to hire the best Philadelphia criminal lawyer. Ensure you pick an experienced and well-reviewed lawyer. And most importantly, one who is ready to dedicate resources and time to your case.