3 Methods to Design an Effective Logo for Your Business with Minimal Expense

When establishing a business of his own Entrepreneurs are faced by the necessity of resolving numerous problems. Making a logo is one of the most difficult. You must realize that it’s not simply a pretty image it is a method to communicate your identity. The logo must be able to draw attention to be remembered the customers.

Logos are the public face of your company and you must be sure to take the process of design seriously. For companies that are just starting out the best option is to create an image at a low costs or even no expense. In this post, you’ll learn how to make powerful logos that require little expenditure. This includes, for instance, using Turbologo, the Turbologo online creator.

What is a logo?

Logos are simple graphic symbol that is used to represent the identity of a particular company, organization branding web site, product or an individual. The primary goals of modern logos is their recognition and recall for the intended audience. an image must be, nevertheless distinctive and easy to recall. There are today many logos around the globe and creating a distinctive and efficient logo will not be an easy job.

The range of their use is vast, you can design a logo for the sitefor use on products, printing materials and their packaging, signs, billboards and so on. Ideally the signs must be placed next to each reference to your business so that it is immediately associated with it in the minds of the consumers.

Even if the logo does not include a font (only an image) however, it creates an enduring association with the company. Thus, the quality of the logo should be extremely high, as poor-designed logos won’t just be remembered, but it will also create an impression that is negative to your customers.

Three ways to design an identity

We’ve identified three methods that are the most “economical” ways to make logos:

  1. Create a logo by drawing it.
  2. Make use of an online builder;
  3. Design a logo with Turbologo online generator. Turbologo Generator online.

Let’s look at each of these methods by describing their benefits and drawbacks. We also provided an approximate sum that would have to be spending.

Draw yourself

In this situation everything is on the individual. You are the creator and manager of the plan.


  • You are the sole person in charge So the decision-making on the process is totally yours.
  • When you opt for this approach that way, you won’t have to spend an ounce on designing an identity.


  • If you’re not a gifted designer or artist, the chances are good that you’ll never create anything worthwhile.
  • If you are planning to work in a graphic editor, you’ll have to understand its functions.

You’ll need $0.

Making a logo with an online generator

The online editor provides users with an entire range of colors and a wide selection of fonts and photos. So, in a sense it’s not superior to Photoshop. It is a popular Photoshop. By using all this, you will be able to create an excellent logo.


  • Basic editor functions are offered for free;
  • Unlimited possibilities for fantasies.


  • If you don’t have aesthetics, it’s likely that you won’t be able to create an appealing logo to the intended audience.
  • You should be able use the features of the editor, or the outcome of your project is not likely to satisfy you.
  • Minor edits aren’t feasible.

It will cost you between $20 and $50.

Turbologo online generator

If you choose to develop an identity, you are aware of that you are the owner of the business and the nature of its business. You must provide these details to allow the service to present you with a variety of logo designs. You are able to alter the color as well as the shape and design elements. If the overall design works for your needs however, there are some subtleties which need to be fixed then you can make it yourself.


  • There are many pre-made combinations to use right away, or modify as you want to;
  • You’ll need to pay only when you achieve the desired outcome;
  • You have complete control over the process
  • It is possible to design the logo quickly;
  • Users are able to edit their profile;
  • You can save the logo without spending money to get colleagues’ opinion on to determine if it’s worth it to purchase the particular design.


  • The logo designed by the online company will not be as unique. The logo is similar to that created by the designer
  • Minor edits aren’t accessible.

You’ll need at least $10.

For companies with a long life, and which have budgets that are nearly unlimited it is recommended to work with design studios to develop the logo. Costs are high, but they will pay off the outcome that will be created eventually.

Smaller companies may not have the money to in order to design an identity. In this situation it is the Turbologo online creator is a good choice. It is the quickest and most economical method to make a great logo.

We wish you success when developing and promoting your brand!

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