3 Reasons Why Video Marketing Helps SMEs

Singapore is a country that has plenty of business opportunities. According to a report from Singapore Business Review, there were an estimated 220,000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country. These companies may benefit from the animated video service of a Corporate Video Production Company in Singapore in promoting their brands.

Video marketing is considered one of the fastest-growing strategies in digital marketing. Reports from Syndacast revealed that more than half of marketing experts believe that videos provide the highest return on investments. There are other benefits that Singaporean SMEs can get from video marketing. Here are some of the most obvious perks that businesses can get from this popular marketing tactic.

#1: Educate Target Customers About the Brand and Its Offers

Videos and other visual content offers a more reliable experience than the usual written content. Instead of describing the products and services, businesses may explain how it works by uploading product demos. According to reports, 64% of Internet users may decide to purchase a product online after watching a video about it.

Also, videos can help “humanise” the brand since they can share a relatable story with the viewers. An experienced Corporate Video Production Company in Singapore can help SMEs create a video that tells the story of how the business started. It can also introduce the people behind the company. It could be a great way to build the brand and set it apart from the competitors.

#2: More Engagement with the Mobile Users 

Mobile-optimised videos are currently in demand, especially since 90% of today’s customers view their mobile devices. Businesses that will take advantage of these statistics will let their target customers know that they are updated with the latest trends. It will also show the existing and future consumers that the SMEs value the user experience each time they visit its website.

Google also revealed that more than half of the smartphone users feel more comfortable investing in companies that offer instructional videos through mobile apps or websites. It can ultimately help build the customer’s trust, which can lead to better sales.

#3: Boost Google Search Rankings

Videos can also help businesses improve their web presence. By posting relevant, informative, and unique videos, the customers will spend more time navigating a company’s website. It can prompt Google and other search engines to notice that the site publishes high-quality content.

Since Google owns and manages YouTube, more views can help a site land in the higher ranks of the search engines. The company only needs to ensure that the video format, titles, tags, and descriptions can highlight the video’s content. Adding backlinks to the video can also help improve the site’s Google rankings.

Bonus Perk: Reach Wider Range of Customers 

Almost all people love watching videos. According to reports, at least one-third of the activities online is spent watching various online content.

Compared to other social media channels that a specific age group usually uses, video sharing sites are preferred by people of all ages. It means more people can visit and look at the company’s special video and share it with others if they find it very interesting.

Video marketing offers plenty of advantages for Singaporean SMEs. Business owners only need to find the right video production company that could help them plan, conceptualise, and produce videos that can help boost brand awareness.

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