3 Things You Should Know While Posting on Instagram

Instagram is a space which demands caution yet lavish and exquisite appearance. The content of Instagram is made appealing to attract the target audience with respect to the domain that the blogger is offering to his/her followers. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to create user generated and user friendly content and Shams Talaat is the best example of it, in case you want the visual representation. Let’s jump onto some major aspects to be kept in mind while posting on Instagram.

1- Healthy content: 

You should always post healthy content, healthy in terms that the content should not be harmful to anyone. It should not spread negative vibes in the virtual premises of the social networking site. There should be the utmost optimum. The pictures, captions should not spread hatred towards any person or religion. Most importantly, the Instagram community guidelines are clearly mentioned on the media network. The guidelines clearly state what to do and what not to do. Moreover, you can also use the hashtags in captions. Hashtags play the role of catalyst in making a particular thing prominent. These hashtags eventually lead your post to the place where it is viewed by a large number of people.

2- Interactive Medium:

We clearly know that this platform i.e. Instagram builds the interacting communities. It’s the medium i.e. channel for the communication purposes, for making your viewpoints reach your target audience. Make sure that your comment section is open. Most of the time we observe that people usually turn off their comment section. This acts like a barrier between the users. Putting your comment section on makes people realize that they have access to you. This makes you authentic in the eyes of users. You should be accessible by the audience. This lets you remain active and you can turn your story poll on too. The polls can let you communicate with your audience and exchange viewpoints. Same is the case with message requests where people can text and call you. They can appreciate you, make you alter some particular things about yourself which might not be appropriate for them.

3- Depiction of realistic approach:

 Though it’s fancy and extravagant, it should be a portrayal of realism. There should be no discrimination in between any classes of the society i.e. maintaining the social stratification in mind. The reason behind this is that all the hierarchical classes of your community are watching you. There should be no disparity in between classes. You should not have a regressive attitude. It should not be felt that your content is letting down the commentators.


Therefore, it is very much evident that for creating a very user friendly content, you must know the basic etiquettes of gram posting. This is not only in the favor of the audience but also sets your name as a benchmark for others. You’ll not be blocked or reported by someone. In this case your account will be safe and secure and wouldn’t be banned or blocked by Instagram.

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