3 Tips To Increase Webinar Attendance Rate

Webinars are the best for reaching and engaging old and new audiences. They also help to appear more reputable in the market. The best leaders in the industry – from EUcalls to Oxford- choose webinars to share their expertise with others. So it’s no surprise that you can decide to have your own webinar at some point.

Even after you define your audience and topic and find the best professionals and equipment for the live show, you still have one crucial piece missing – an audience. Every creator’s worst nightmare is having no one interested in their creations. And though attendance rate never can be predicted precisely, there are still many tactics you can use to ensure having a high attendance rate.

How to Improve Your Webinar Attendance

1. Choose The Speakers Wisely

No matter how good the specialists of your company are, it’s always a good idea to have external professionals that are not related to your business. Think about it; if you create a webinar about employee engagement while offering software for HR management, it may seem like your whole webinar is just a sales pitch. On the other hand, if an HR specialist outside of your company talks about the importance of employee engagement, it will seem more authentic and unique.

So every time you think about creating a webinar, make sure to invite top researchers, famous consultants, and other well-known specialists as your speakers. Popular speakers will not only give credibility to your virtual event but also raise its popularity.

2. Make Personal Connection

You can’t attract a large number of attendees only with posts and ads. Many people may not attend your virtual event even if they mark that they will in the first place. Many users have pretty busy lives, and they can simply forget about your event. For them to actually show up, you need a more personal approach.

You can remind them about the webinar – successful lead nurturing should be done with several channels. Start with an email one week before your event, and then make a call to ensure they’ve received it. Then, send a follow-up email the day before and an additional one hour before the webinar.

3. Offer Something To Your Attendees

People love to feel like they’ve cheated the system. They like to get free stuff on paid webinars to feel like they are paying for a great deal. Many corporations already know it and prepare gifts for the participants.

When choosing their gifts, try to give things that relate to the topic of your webinar. Ebooks, workbooks, templates, or books related to the subject are great options. Whatever you choose, make sure that it can help increase participants’ knowledge of the topics you’ve just discussed.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned from the start, it’s impossible to guess how many attendees you will have precisely. Creating a webinar is sometimes very risky because of this factor. But if you take the measurements in time and reach a potential audience, you can ensure that you won’t speak in front of an empty audience. Follow the tips mentioned above to ease this process.

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