3 Ways To Measure Marketing Success

Successful marketing campaigns can help you a lot to grow your business and increase your sales. For a marketing campaign to be successful you will need to thoroughly discuss and design each and every detail of the campaign and the ways to successfully accomplish the marketing goals. 

No next marketing campaign can be designed properly if you do not measure and evaluate the previous one. So, to make sure you have a data-driven marketing campaign, you will need to measure the success of the past marketing strategy and campaign. 

Here are three ways to measure marketing success, that will help you realistically evaluate your current positions and have accurate perceptions for the upcoming campaigns. 


A way to measure marketing success is to check sales growth. This can be a way of marketing measurement, which will help you have better-designed marketing strategies and campaigns. You can choose two variables, like a timeframe when you had no investment in marketing and one with investment. Compare the number of sales in both of the cases. 

Take into account several other factors, such as seasonality, economic favorability, and other internal or external factors. If you record a significant change in the number of sales from the timeframe when marketing campaigns were on run, then you can conclude that the implementation of marketing strategies was successful. Otherwise, there should not be a vivid difference in the number. 

Web traffic

Another way of measuring marketing success is to check web traffic. If your marketing campaign included directing potential clients to your website then this method can be of great use to see whether you did a great job or not. 

There is a wide variety of marketing tools that will help you track and record website traffic. If the tools are hinting that the traffic was increased during the time when marketing or advertising campaigns were running, then you can come to the conclusion that your marketing strategy was successful. 

Traffic growth can show the success of marketing, especially when you have included it in the marketing strategy. That is one of the KPIs used to measure marketing success. 

Social engagement

Another way to see if your marketing campaigns were successful is to observe social engagement. By saying social engagement it is meant to learn how much the communities you targeted your marketing strategies towards are engaged with you and your business. 

Social engagement might be a little challenging to measure, but it is still possible. All you need to understand is how many views, post reaches, shares, and mentions your brand or business had on social media. As well as you can conduct research and short surveys among the people in the given location to see how many people have heard of your business and how many have made purchases when they heard of you. 

This way you will be able to measure marketing success, as you will have data to compare with the data generated when no marketing campaigns were organized. 

Wrapping up 

There are many ways you can measure marketing success. These include observing social engagement with your brand, and significant growth in sales and web traffic. You should choose two timeframes and compare the data one from when marketing campaigns were running, and the second, without the one. After all, if you meet your marketing goals, then you can conclude that your marketing campaigns were successful. 

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