4 Benefits of getting your product labels from professional sticker makers

Have you read about the marketing possibilities opened up by using sticky product labels and stickers? Maybe you are not quite sure how to go about getting your labels made? What is your best option? Should you print them at home? 

If you want to print your stickers at home, you will find plenty of guides, tips and tricks on the world wide web. However, we have looked into other options for you and collected four benefits of getting your custom stickers printed by professional sticker makers. 

Below, you will find four reasons why going with a professional sticker printer can save you time, money and energy. Does that sound good to you? Then read on. 

1. Choice of materials 

Product labels are a great way for you to communicate with your customers. The material you choose can symbolize your brand values and share them with your customers. Going with a professional sticker printing company means that you can choose from a variety of materials to print on. 

You can absolutely find materials to print on using your printer at home. But since professional printing companies buy their materials in bulk, they can offer a bigger choice for a lower price. This means, it can even work out cheaper for you to buy your stickers from such companies.

You can find many options beyond traditional white vinyl stickers. Clear labels printed on transparent vinyl are amazing for branding see-through or glass bottles. Holographic labels can be used to brand a new product launch or a limited edition range. Or maybe you want to invest in environmentally friendly materials? Then check out biodegradable paper labels that decompose within 12 weeks. 

2. Expert knowledge

As a business owner or marketer, you probably have your hands full already. Designing for print might not be your area of expertise, or might simply not have the time to invest into that skill. You are not alone in this and professional sticker printers are there to help you create your ideal product labels. 

There are a few things you want to look out for when choosing a company. Ensure they send you a design proof before printing your labels. This gives you the chance to see what your final labels will look like and request changes before they are sent to print. 

3. Great equipment 

If you have a simple, bold design in a basic shape, you can absolutely print your labels using a desktop printer. However, if your design has many gradients or shadows, an intricate cut line or is printed onto effect material, you want to think about going with a professional printer to generate the best result.  

The rule of thumb is: the more details your design has, the more work it will generate for you. But you should not have to compromise. Instead, outsource the work and benefit from the high-quality machines printing companies use daily. Digital printers and laser cutters can create amazing results within minutes – no need for scissors.

4. True time savers 

Going with a professional sticker printer means that your product labels are one less thing you have to worry about. While your labels are printing, you can get on with the dozens of tasks you have to do and actually grow your business and reach your targets. 

Why spend your time thinking about stickers when you can use it to add so much more value in different ways? By outsourcing the printing of your labels, you can relax and receive a high-quality product that embodies your brand values. 

If you are looking into printing product labels or stickers, we hope that our 4 reasons why you should opt for a professional printing company give you the insight you need to make the best decision for you and your business. Do you have any additional tips you would like to share? We would love to hear them in the comments below.  

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