4 Reasons That Will Make You Understand Why Instagram Is The Best Marketing Platform

The route of marketing and advertising is pointing towards profound visual and social trade. With that in mind, Instagram is leading in this movement, making the said app as the best social media platform to advertise your products and services. 

This platform in social media holds an enormous amount of opportunities when it comes to digital marketing through their ads and tools. Instagram is proving that they’re a must-have in any digital marketing and social media strategy.

Why should you use Instagram in marketing your products?

Instagram is a powerful tool to market your Cosmetic Dental Practice. It is not just about posting photos and videos, it is about interacting with other people by commenting, liking, and sharing their posts.

There are over one billion active users on Instagram monthly, making it the perfect platform for marketing your Cosmetic Dental Practice. Instagram will help you to increase your brand awareness and increase your engagement rate on social media. If you don’t know much about the platform and how social media marketing works, you can always work with reliable companies. Learn how to increase your Cosmentic Dental Practice revenue with https://hip.agency.

Of course, before knowing the best practices in marketing your goods and services on Instagram, you need to know why advertising on this platform is one of the best strategies for social media campaigns. Here are some of the common reasons why you need Instagram in your social media strategic plan:

Engagement rates are incredibly high

On Instagram, ads do not only get seen, but they also tend to stick in people’s minds. On top of that, Instagram also has the most engaged number of individuals among all social media platforms. 

As a matter of fact, user engagement is 58 times higher than Facebook. If you are sharing posts between the two platforms, you will see a higher engagement rate on Instagram. Engagement includes likes and comments. The more engagement your post receives, the more exposure it gets to new people.

Also, research conducted by Instagram shows that ad recall from the said social media platform is almost three times higher compared to other popular social media sites. 

Visitors who use Instagram stay for approximately one-hundred ninety-two (192) seconds, or more, compared to those visitors from other platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. With that in mind, it is safe to say that when it comes to engagement, traffic from Instagram is superb.

Instagram is mobile-friendly

When it comes to mobile audience, Instagram holds the highest percentage compared to other social media sites. 

How can this be beneficial for you and your business? This app can be helpful for you because almost everyone accesses their social media profiles in their mobile phones and often browse the internet for something while they are in the middle of something or when they’re on the go. 

Since the traffic that Instagram is getting is solely for mobile from the beginning, Instagram knew that they needed to build an ad experience that wouldn’t be invasive for those who use their smartphones and their tablets, and they were able to do so. 

And the best part was when users accepted ads in a positive way, which would be beneficial for marketers, users don’t try to report the ads.

Advertising in Instagram gets better results than other social media platforms

Paying for a space in Instagram is undoubtedly worth it. Since Instagram users are highly engaging, it increases your chances of getting their attention to get new and active followers.

Targeting specific audiences is easy and Ads in Instagram reaches the right people

When it comes to aim, Instagram reaches the right people as their ads have always become targeted. As a matter of fact, the targeting skills of Instagram overpowers the targeting abilities of Facebook. 

Since Facebook was more popular than Instagram, because it started earlier than the latter, it had a long time enhancing their targeting skills, which we think Instagram had known and practiced during their new days. 

Why is this even important? If you’re planning to spend money on advertising your products and services, you have to make sure that your target audience sees it. With that in mind, it’s pretty obvious that the best platform for social media strategy is Instagram. It allows your ads to be in your target audience’s newsfeed.

Aside from that, just like Facebook, Instagram also allows you as a marketer to target a particular demographic, location, or you can also create a “customized” type of audience.

But it is important to put in mind that the consumers found in Instagram are not the same as those on Facebook. Therefore, you can’t just directly apply your Facebook social media marketing strategy on Instagram. 

According to Instagram’s report, thirty percent of those who use Instagram purchase goods or hire a service. That is why as a marketer you should discover how to create ads that will inspire people to buy your products and prefer your services. 

You can also use Instagram for Businesses

One of the great features of Instagram for businesses is the ability to target specific audiences by location. If you only want to reach local residents in a certain city or neighborhood, that’s easy to do with this app. You can also target people who have certain interests or follow certain accounts on Instagram and their other social media platforms.


If you are still waiting to decide whether Instagram is a suitable platform for your dental practice or not, just open any one of your competitors Instagram account and compare it to yours. Chances are that if your competitor has more followers than you, then he should be touring around the United States on his fully-sponsored dental mission to promote the dentist brands.

Using social media in marketing your products and services online is a wise choice. Most importantly, using Instagram in any social media marketing plan is becoming more efficient nowadays. Do you have any other reasons why you think Instagram is the best platform for advertising? Share it down in our comment box!

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