4 reasons why male football players will love silicone rings

Are you an active person? Do you enjoy playing sports in your free time? If you frequently enjoy doing hands-on physical activities, rough contact sports, or you are just always on the go, having clothing and apparel that works weight your daily life is key. After all, why would you wear dress shoes every day if you knew that you were going to be walking miles to work and playing sports? The same goes with your accessories – you need to make sure that you wear appropriate accessories, jewelry, and footwear that is conducive to your life.

In saying this, this is the same reason why silicone rings are so popular in today’s world! Since people are active, they go to the gym directly after work, and they enjoy playing pick-up sports after their job. Wearing silicone rings is the best alternative to having hard and expensive wedding rings every single day. Instead of being worried that you may damage your ring, lose the ring, or hurt your knuckle while wearing this hard ring, you can wear silicone rings instead. Check out why silicone rings are ideal for those who avoid football players!

4 benefits of using silicone rings for active athletes

They don’t get dirty

If you’re always wearing your wedding band, this can build up gunk and residue over time due to sweat and dirt that may get between the ring and your skin. To avoid any irritation to your skin, damage to the ring’s surface, and possibly the inscription inside of the ring, you should begin wearing silicone rings. If you are a football player, you might be wearing gloves, having your hands on sweaty clothing items, and dealing with intense weather – in this case, it can wreak havoc on your ring. Avoid damage to the ring by using silicone rings instead!

Avoid hurting someone else

Since Football is a contact sport, you are going to have your hands on other people. Avoid hurting someone else’s face, hands, or neck by wearing silicone rings. Since silicone rings are softer, they will not hurt the other person if you accidentally hit them in the face with the ring off with your knuckle. However, with a hard wedding band, this can cause scratches, cuts, and bruises on the other person that you are playing against! Not only is this unfair, but it will make people not want to play sports with you.

Avoid the stress of losing your wedding band

If you are playing football, you might take off your wedding band if you are not allowed to wear jewelry during games – however, when you take it off, sometimes things can get misplaced. Avoid the stress of maybe losing your wedding band by wearing silicone rings instead!

Stylish for everyday use

Since your wedding band is very sacred to you, you want to keep it on all the time. However, as an athlete, it can get in the way. Wear silicone rings to remain stylish, show your dedication to your marriage, and still be comfortable and practical.


Instead of wearing a wedding band that can get in the way during your contact sports, wearing silicone rings is the best way that you can avoid any damage to your ring, avoid the ring getting lost, and avoid hurting anyone else during your sport!

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