4 Tips to Protect Your WordPress Videos From Being Downloaded

Keeping the privacy of digital content now is one of the irritating and challenging processes. Nobody wants to spend time, energy and other resources to create content, which will be stolen by digital hackers or copyright stealers. Although there is no way to completely prevent others from stealing your content, there are some tips you can take to make it more difficult for others to copy your content. 

1. Disable downloading video

It’s almost impossible to make your website’s content fully uncopyable, but there’s an option to turn off the right click option on the website, and will not let others copy your content. This option also disables downloading WordPress video and using it in other websites, as they couldn’t right click on your video and download it. Disabling the right-click option can be done through website settings by installing a plugin and making it as preventable as possible from others to copy your content. If after this you still feel the danger that your content can be stolen, use DRM content protection and control the use of protected material by limiting the number of times a video can be played.

2. Use updated apps

Apps and websites that are not updated properly, are well known to be more vulnerable than those which are being updated frequently and at the right time. So, make sure that you update your website and have fixed all the technical issues. Since, if the website is old or not updated, it can be hacked easily by content stealers, and they can always find ways to download your WordPress video. Also, hire WordPress developers who will always keep in track the updating process, follow all the security rules and develop it appropriate to your website features. 

3. Make it paid

If something requires payment on digital platforms, it becomes more protected, especially if it’s content. Make your WordPress videos paid, so not everyone can reach your video content and even download it. Make it available to watch the full version after payment, but also without the option of downloading. There is also an option to let everyone watch your video for free but pay for it to download with a company watermark. 

4. Talk about dignity

We all know that stealing another person’s copyright content is not a generous thing and when someone knows about it, they will definitely feel ashamed of it. Always remind your viewers to pay for the WordPress video if they want to have it and watch again on other devices or without Internet access. They will buy the content after being reminded about it. Nobody wants to become tagged as a copyright stealer.


To sum up, we can see that protecting copyright can be challenging. Due to this little but effective guide you will know how to protect your copyright content which is WordPress video, and don’t let others steal it from your website. It’s not always so easy to prevent others from copying your content, but these tips will make it more difficult.