4 Ways to Automate Support Without Degrading Service

Do you sell products online? Or maybe you over services by subscription? Whatever your business engagement is, you will need well-organized customer support to handle communication with your customers and ensure every issue gets resolved smoothly. 

To assist your customer support team in their work, you can choose to automate some of the processes, which will not only not degrade the service, but also upgrade the quality and increase the efficiency of customer support. 

Automated replies on social media 

If your business has an online presence on different social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, you can help your customer support by creating automated replies when your page visitors want to send a message. The replies should be created on your business page when your customers would want to send you a message on Messenger. 

In case your page visitors are interested in a service, want to know the price of a product, or just need to know your physical location and operating hours, you can create a list of quick replies to send automatically whenever a relevant request is made in the chat. Simple, well-thought, yet helpful way on how automation can help your business and support without degrading the service. 

Chatbot integration on the website

Give your customers another way to contact you by integrating a chatbot on your website. Choose a chatbot agency wisely, so that you will avoid any errors when you integrate it into your website. This way, your customers can start a live chat right on your website. 

Chatbot integration will not only help your customers address their questions or state their issues quickly but also help you advance your customer support by being ready to help them in every possible way. 

Well-structured email automation

Keeping your customers informed about your company deals, best offers and sales is another way to ensure you give the best customer support. When doing this you may want to have automation of sending emails. 

When you automate this sector of your customer support, every time a customer buys a product or a service from you, you can send a “thank you” email. Or let’s say, you want to offer a special sale to the customers who made purchases for more than $100. As you may have hundreds of contacts to reach, you can easily accomplish this task by sending automated emails. 

An important thing to note when doing this is to not be annoying by sending thousands of emails, as you do not want to degrade your service. 

Integration of automated customer surveys

From your list of customers, form a list of the people who did not make any purchase recently, and send them an automated customer survey to reveal their “buyer psychology”. 

The survey should include questions, like how content they are about their purchase, how satisfied they are with the quality, the customer support, and so on. To save time on this, you can automate the customer surveys. When you get the answers back, analyze those and improve your customer support

Wrapping up 

If done carefully, automation of several aspects of your customer support should only advance your service, and not degrade. So, you can integrate a chatbot on your website, create automated replies for Facebook/Messenger, and send automated emails and customer surveys. These are some of the ways to automate your customer support without degrading service. 

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