4 Ways to Help Your Cognitive Health

As you age it is obvious that your physical and mental health can take a hit. It is a slow process that causes you to not perform activities the way that you use to. It can be a hard realization that you are aging but there are things that you can do to help yourself. If you find that you need a little help and need to be moving into an assisted living facility this assisted living Pocatello is a good one to consider. Below are some things that you can do in order to help your cognitive health which helps with how well you think, learn and remember things. 

Be Active

One way to help your cognitive health is to be active. This can be done by doing chores around the house, walks, or other activities that require more effort than day to day tasks. Being active helps with balance, improves strength, increases energy, and helps to fight depression or anxiety. There is a lot of evidence that shows a link between physical activity and how it benefits the brain. The recommendation is that all adults get 150 minutes of exercise per week. It can be as simple as going for walks each day. 

Active Mind

Not only is it important for your body to be active it is also important for your brain to get exercise. This can be done in many different ways, some to start with could be mind games such as sudoku or word puzzles. Other options may be to get out in the community and volunteer for something they are passionate about. You could also find a new hobby to take up that interests you and takes up your time such as photography. Reading a book can also help your cognitive health by stimulating the brain. 


Being around others and having meaningful interactions can be beneficial to your health. It is important to your health to continue having relationships. Get together with family and friends. Participating in community events is a great way to have an active mind while also socializing with those that are in your community. Interacting with others can also help with depression and anxiety. 

Eat Healthy Foods

It has been said over and over again to eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet can help prevent diseases but also helps your brain health. You should have fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and meat. Salt, sugar, and fat should be limited and portion control is a huge factor as well. Drugs and alcohol are not good for your body and brain. Eating the right foods and drinking enough water can help your body and mind to function to their best ability. 

Help Your Cognitive Health

There are things that we can do to help ourselves when it comes to our brain health. Exercise, socialize, keep your mind active and eat the right foods. No matter what we do our bodies and minds will age but we can help to keep our brains functioning to the best of their ability.