5 Best Fitness Startups You Need To Watch Out For In 2021

Fitness startups are on the rise and for good reason. Considering how most of us have poor fitness habits and have trouble getting rid of bad habits, there is a growing demand for an intuitive, organized solution. The standard answer you would probably get if you are looking to improve your health and fitness is to join a gym and work out regularly.

This list of startups should tell you whatever you need to know to get your fitness regimen up and running. You can also seek help from fitness app development company to kickstart your journey in this industry.

While this is true, you need to have a plan in place to make your workouts effective. Moreover, people all over the world do not have access to gyms in the pandemic. Enter fitness startups. If you find yourself wanting to start a proper fitness regimen, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at some of the best fitness startups out there.

5 Fitness Startups You Must Take A Look At

1. Tonal

Since 2015, Tonal has focused on providing premium training. It delivers effective fitness programs directly to its customers, hence helping them get the best out of their workouts. Tonal has a bunch of features to offer, including smart accessories, digital weights, personalized programs for all parts of the body. Tonal has 17 sensors to help analyze your form and give you feedback. Finally, it makes it easy for you to take up the program thanks to its payment plans.

2. Vitagene

Founded in 2014, Vitagene is one of the more prominent nutrition-based fitness startups on the market. Vitagene helps customers live their best lives through scientifically driven, reliable DNA tests. They combine these results, lifestyles, fitness goals, and other relevant factors to tailor the best fitness regimen, diet plan, and supplement plans possible. If you want to make major lifestyle changes and live a healthy life, be sure to look into an effective solution like this one.

3. GYMetrix

GYMetrix is a fitness startup based out of the UK. It is one of the first startups to use sensors on gym equipment. GYMetrix prides itself on being the only fitness consultant in the UK. They are known to conduct face-to-face surveys with gym members, do research and figure out which equipment is in demand. As a result, gyms are able to save tons of money on equipment they do not need. More importantly, they ensure high customer satisfaction. If you own a gym and want to cut down on your costs while getting and retaining more customers, GYMetrix is your one-stop solution.

4. FitBod

FitBod makes it ridiculously easy for you to work out by giving you the workouts you need to reach your fitness goals. Its fitness algorithm helps create a personalized workout plan based on your body type and fitness goals.

Over time, it records results, analyzes previous workouts, evaluates your strengths and weaknesses, thus providing a safe, effective way to exercise and get the results you’ve always wanted.

Its features are:

  • A personalized workout plan
  • Easy mastering of new and challenging exercises
  • Seamless workout logging

Ultimately, with FitBod, you have a confusion-free, easy-to-follow workout plan, according to your body and your fitness requirements, which means you have no excuse to get your dream results.

5. Fitwell

Fitwell is meant for people who want to get fit from home. Fitwell serves as a fitness and nutrition assistance throughout the day and tells you what you need to do to stay fit. This means you get access to an entire selection of effective workouts and meal plans. Besides this, you get to be a part of a community of like-minded fitness freaks who will keep you motivated as you work to shed those extra pounds.

As they say on their homepage – “Workout anytime, anywhere. Our fully personalized programs combine various training styles and adjust to your progress to give you fast, long-lasting results.”

Wrapping Up

There you have it – five of many incredible fitness startups that you can check out to boost your fitness results. Fitness, as you know by now, encompasses training, workout plans, nutrition, accurate information, and so forth. There are a number of offshore development companies you can partner with to develop your fitness app. Choose what suits you the best!

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