5 Courses in College That You Definitely Need to Take

As an undergrad student in college, you will have to take a considerable number of classes every semester. Some of these courses will be mandatory to take as part of your department curriculum, which are known as the core courses.

But then you will also have some free electives, which you will have the freedom to take from any department of your choice.

These electives are a great way to try out something new, or something you always wanted to learn about but you never got the chance to.

If you are unsure about these free electives, this article is made for you. We will highlight 5 courses that you definitely should take if you have the chance to. These courses are not only very enjoyable but they will also come in hand after you graduate.

1. Writing courses

If you have been interested in literature of sorts, and you would like to dabble in some poetry then try taking some writing courses from the English Literature department.

These courses will have a significant impact on your writing skills that you will be using for years to come even after graduating.

The writing courses will teach you valuable free essay writing skills and will also be useful during your college years, as you will have an abundance of writing assignments.

2. Design courses

Regardless of what your major is, you should definitely consider taking a design course. It doesn’t matter if you are not the most artsy or creative person in the world.

These courses might help discover a side to you that you didn’t even know existed. And apart from that, they are incredibly fun and a breeze to clear.

Design courses will enable you to explore new things that you might not do otherwise.

3. History courses

If you find yourself curious about historical figures and events, consider taking a history course of a certain period.

It will allow you to dig deeper into things that you have always wondered about but never actually took the time to sit down and learn more.

History courses will allow you to travel back in time, and learn about intriguing events and also people that you have only heard about.

4. Physical education

You should take at least one physical education course during your undergrad academic career.

Even though these courses don’t offer a lot of credits, they will be great in terms of giving you a distraction that doesn’t involve assignments and studying.

It will also force you to incorporate some physical activity in your life if you are not the most fit person out there.

5. Communication courses

Consider taking public speaking courses if it is something you struggle with. Public speaking is a very important skill that you will surely be using in your professional life as well.

Communication courses not only help you build the confidence to speak in public but they also help to convey your message across in the right way.