5 Cryptocurrencies That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you one of those who dream of having a common currency or a common mode of monetary transactions all over the world? If yes, then it is high time for every one of the 21st century to take one step towards actual digitalization. People might talk of modernization and digitalization a lot in today’s world, but people get insecure about having virtual assets over physical ones when it comes to reality. Just because you cannot touch or hold cryptocurrencies does not mean they are valueless.

Bitcoins and other Altcoins have been ruling the crypto finance world since their discoveries and popularity worldwide. But Bitcoins are pretty tough to purchase or invest in these days as they come for significant amounts. To resolve such affordability issues, the digitalized people have brought in several other alternative cryptocurrencies, which you can easily use for making payments, holding virtual assets, and starting the belief among people that someday the world would share a common currency indeed!

The following article will enlighten you with the facts, details, and an overview of each of the most popular five cryptocurrencies of today’s world. So take a quick tour of the article right away!

Overview Of 5 Best Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoins have recently become an integral part of the world. With the advancement of time and tiny steps towards digitalization, some people have successfully accepted the significance of virtual assets. They think of it safer than physical ones. But still, most of the population believes in physical assets over virtual ones. The following list will introduce and discuss five top cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoins but are alternative options. Keep an eye on the below list to know more:

  • Stellar ( XLM):

Stellar is one of the best open networks present in today’s world for storing and exchanging any assets any time you want. It can even represent various real-life currencies like Dollars in digital forms for having a common currency worldwide, and that is crypto. Stellar provides this magnificent chance to every small-based company to become world-famous by using Stellar for currency exchanges and work as an international bank throughout the year. It has several backup tokens on the network for easy understanding and working. The best part of Stellar (XLM) is that you can easily use it for asset exchanges on several platforms for different purposes like tokens, security, Altcoins, etc.

  • Dogecoin:

Memes have become an integral part of people’s lives in the 21st century. That is why developers or miners thought, why not earn from memes in 2013. Dogecoin is one of the best Altcoins, which falls under the category of meme coin. Dogecoin is the first meme coin to reach such a height to earn as much as $80 billion! You would get Dogecoin in abundance as it is not as rare as Bitcoin. Millions of miners work hard to solve problems to mine several Dogecoins every day. The tough competition in the market has led to the abundant availability of Dogecoin worldwide!

  • Binance Coin (BNB):

If you are looking for options to invest your physical assets and turn them into virtual ones with safety procedures, you can consider supporting BNBs. It is a centralized cryptocurrency that you can exchange for lumpsum assets. Once in every while, Binance coins get burnt for increasing their market value day by day. So, it is now used to trade and pay fees at discounted prices.

  • Monero (XMR):

It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that enhances virtual asset safety like no other Altcoin. If you use this crypto to trade or invest your physical assets in Monero, then nobody would be able to decipher the source, transaction details, or transaction history of the exchange at any time. So if you are hungry for safety, Monero might be the right place to invest in!

  • Polkadot:

The best part of Polkadot is that you get to interact and connect with several blockchains at a time. You can work on multiple parallel blockchains scalability that advantages you all the time. It is an open network that allows free interaction with varieties of blockchains following the Blind Assignment for Blockchain Extension protocol worldwide. Its user-driven governance and high energy efficiency technologies make it famous!


The above list of cryptocurrencies has given you several options to choose from. Moreover, you get to invest securely in good investment platforms like the cryptocurrency investment, which allows interaction among several blockchains easily. So stop hesitating and be a part of the big game now!

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