5 Effective Strategies for Small Business Digital Promotion

A business without adequate promotion won’t reach its full potential.

Since we live in the age of the Internet, it’s much easier today to spread the word about business without spending a fortune.

Still, there are numerous options out there, so new SMB owners might not be sure which ones to use first for successful promotion.

In this article, we’ll explain some effective strategies that enhance SMB digital promotion.

1) Use social media

There are about 2.85 billion active monthly Facebook users. Each of these persons is someone’s target user.

Facebook is the best option for new SMB owners who still don’t know their target audience. This network offers various tools and parameters that business owners can use to find the right customers.

You can launch a few Facebook campaigns to test several potential target audiences. Facebook offers some free tools that can help you do that.

Instagram has had tremendous growth, as well, and it’s the next stop for SMB owners. Due to its mostly visual nature, Instagram is used differently from Facebook and, say, LinkedIn. It encourages users to use more visual materials, such as images, short videos, reels, and stories.

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LinkedIn is the third most important social network for SMB owners. It’s a great digital platform for companies and business individuals alike for expanding their networks, starting business collaborations, and following the current affairs in different niches.

So, when you’re creating your SMB marketing strategy, understand the importance of social media.

2) Team up with influencers

Closely related to the previous paragraph, new SMB owners should team up with influencers. It doesn’t strictly mean getting popular persons on social media to promote your products or services.

While this is one way of connecting with influencers, there are some others, equally efficient.

For starters, invite renowned authors in your business niche or local community to write for your blog. You can exchange blog posts with that person or simply pay for their writing services.

In this case, first think locally to address the local audience.

For instance, a website selling spare car parts could ask a popular local mechanic to share some practical car maintenance tips with the local audience.

Likewise, a small business selling wines would benefit from having a nationally acclaimed connoisseur write a post on their website.

It’s more likely to reach marketing success with influencers if you start from local professionals and build up to getting nationally popular experts to collaborate with you. If things go right, soon international Internet influencers might accept working with you.

3) Post authentic materials

Authenticity becomes a vital marketing factor on the Internet as we know it today. Since there are too many websites and blogs publishing repetitive or irrelevant materials, users appreciate someone’s genuine effort.

In line with that, every SMB owner should do their best to post authentic materials, such as:

  • Photos taken on the business premises. Images that you add to your blog posts, pictures that enrich your homepage, and photos that illustrate success stories should all originate from your business. Grab a camera and photograph your office and employees doing their daily activities. Get photos from your participation in business events and conferences and use them to showcase your results, as well.
  • Testimonial and explainer videos. Ask your clients to make short videos in which they praise your business. Post those videos on your business website.

Also, work with video production experts to shoot explainer videos. They explain the business’s mission and vision in the shortest time possible while raising users’ interest.

  • Customer feedback. Let your customers leave comments below your products and blog posts. Launch a Google My Business account so that users can leave their feedback there, as well. Allowing customers to publicly share their opinions about your business could be a bit tricky at the beginning. You don’t know whether they’ll like your product or service. So, you might want to wait for a few months until you see how they perceive your product to let them comment on it.

4) Invest in your content

Content will always be one of the key factors for successful digital marketing. Therefore, invest in your content in every sense.

If you’re not too good with words, find a freelance content writer for your blog posts and guest posts on other websites. You can find such freelancers on Upwork, Remote OK, and other similar freelance platforms. Guest posting doesn’t have to be a chore. You can easily find guest blogging opportunities with low word count requirements.

At one point, having one freelance content writer by your side will stop meeting your needs. In that case, you can either work with a digital marketing agency to get the content you need or hire one or more full-time writers. Your decision will depend on your budget and your business experience.

Our two cents: work with external writing experts until you’re 100% sure that employing a full-time writer would justify that expense.

5) Make an effective website

Sooner or later, most of the leads and customers you generate via the marketing strategies shared above will come to your website.

So, having a visually interesting and well-arranged business website is a must for successful digital promotion.

The authentic visuals mentioned above will add to its attractiveness. In addition to a content writer, work with a copywriter to deliver a smooth and informative web copy to your readers. This refers to all the written materials on your website, from the About Us section to the landing pages.

Your website will be well-arranged if you don’t cram it with excessive information. The web design experts from a Houston web design company say that whitespace is a means of communication, as well. In other words, leave enough space around important business information on your website to ensure that readers get the message you’re sending.

Moreover, let the visitors easily navigate your website. Highlight several main sections on the homepage so they can easily open them and get back to the homepage. Keep a search field in a visible place on your homepage, and other pages.

Finally, avoid posting large videos and images to your website because they can slow the load time.

Small businesses usually require more marketing effort in the beginning. As you start generating leads and customers, your digital promotion will change to a certain extent. Still, you need to constantly monitor how Internet users react to your marketing strategies and adapt them accordingly. The tips shared above will help you set and maintain productive digital promotion.

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