5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Compactor Machine

A compactor machine is any mechanical equipment that exerts downward pressure on soil or stones to make them firm and eliminate air spaces. This creates a firm foundation for the erection of safe structures.

This article sets out briefly the factors to consider when buying a compactor machine and how they determine the price of your choice. It will not look at the different types of compactor machines but only at the elements that determine the prices.

It would be best if you considered several things before you set out to buy a compactor machine. Some of these areas are the scope of work, the amount of pressure required, and the type of material you want to compact. These things dictate the specifications of the compactor machine you require, and the specifications determine the price of the compactor machine you go for. The major factors to consider are as follows:

  • The force of compaction
  • The engine capacity
  • The engine power
  • Type of compactor
  • The working mechanism

The force of compaction

This is the pressure a compactor machine exerts on the material under operation. The force of compaction determines the firmness of the area after the completion of work. Compactor machines that exert a higher force attract a higher price than those which apply a lower force of compaction.

The engine capacity

This is the total fuel volume displacement in the engine cylinders, expressed in cubic centimeters. The engine capacity determines how long and efficiently the compactor operates without excessive stress on the engine. Compactor machines with a higher engine capacity are more powerful than those with lower capacity and attract a higher price.

The engine power

This is defined as the strength of an engine to pull a specific weight for a certain length per second without excessive strain, and it is measured in horsepower. This engine power ensures a compactor works at the specified compaction force with minimum strain. Powerful engines do more work for longer hours but cost more than less powerful engines.

Type of compactor

This factor determines the compactor machine price in Kenya by the type you choose for your compaction work. When you go for the plate compactor type, you go for either a forward-oriented or a reverse-oriented type of compactor. A reverse-oriented compactor is more powerful than a forward-oriented one and costs more.

The working mechanism

The choice of a working mechanism is between a hydraulic-driven or a cable-driven compactor machine. Cable-driven compactor machines are equipped with a lower force of compaction, while compactor machines with a higher force of compaction are hydraulic-driven. The cost of hydraulic-driven compactor machines is higher.


The choice of a compactor machine depends on the type of work and the type of material you need to work on. The type of compactor machine you choose for your work will dictate the quality of the completed work and the time you will take to complete it. Your choice and the specifications will determine how much you will pay.

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