5 Highlights of the AZ-204 Certification Exam

If you are looking to boost your career and work with Microsoft Azure, the AZ-204 certification is the best way to open up new career avenues. This Microsoft certification training course has been designed for developers who design and develop solutions for Microsoft Azure. Even if you are not in the field but are interested in developing, designing or deploying different end-to-end application architectures, this Azure certification is for you. 

To understand how you should clear the AZ 204 exam, you need to know about the exam and the topics covered under it. You should also know all the prerequisites and which professionals can benefit the most from this certification. 

Are There Any Prerequisites?

All Azure certifications have certain criteria that you must meet to improve your chances of clearing the exam and gaining the credential. For the AZ-204 certification, developers should ideally have one to two years of experience working with the Microsoft Azure platform and services. 

To hold an edge, candidates must also have working knowledge or an introduction to

  • .NET architecture
  • C#
  • Azure SDKs
  • PowerShell
  • CLI
  • Authorizing and debugging

Who Should Take This Course?

Developers with advanced programming skills can build their skills and gain a deeper understanding needed for building Azure applications. They stand to gain expertise in the following domains:

  • Designing, developing, building, testing as well as maintaining cloud solutions
  • Deploying end-to-end solutions
  • Performance tuning
  • Monitoring solutions

Cloud architects and administrators can also augment their skills with the AZ-204 certification since it includes in-depth information on applications and architecture that uses containers, Azure app services and different types of architecture like

  • Distributed 
  • Microservice-based 
  • Event-driven 
  • Publisher or subscriber
  • Serverless

Is The AZ-204 Exam Worth It?

As you see from the scope of this Microsoft certification, there are a lot of different directions you can take in your career once you attain this credential. The AZ-204 certification is one of the entry-level Azure certifications, so you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to choosing a career. 

Microsoft Azure has grown exponentially in the past, valued at USD 13 billion in 2019 from a mere USD 880 million back in 2015. With the AZ-204 certification, you will always stand out among applicants for a job because it is an invaluable fundamental course with high demand in the market.

What Should You Know About This Certification?

The AZ-204 certification is marked based on your knowledge of 5 modules that hold varying weightage in the exam.

  • Module 1 – Develop Azure Compute Solutions
  • Module 2 – Develop for Azure Storage
  • Module 3 – Implementing Azure Security
  • Module 4 – Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Optimizing Azure Solutions
  • Module 5 – Connect to and Consume Azure and Third-party Services

Module 1: Develop Azure Compute Solutions

The first module carries 25-30% weightage and will teach you about the development and deployment of app services, integration of Azure functions with third-party services and then development, hosting and binding of these concepts.

Module 2: Develop for Azure Storage

This module includes several questions on Azure Blog Storage, an object storage solution by Microsoft. Several storage accounts are covered, but most of the questions are based on the overview and structure of the Azure Cosmos Database. This module carries 10-15% of weightage in the certification exam.

Module 3: Implement Azure Security

Virtual Machine (VM) availability options are a major focus of this module. Azure VM checklist and sizing are covered along with several similar topics. You can also get questions about deploying the ARM Template, Resource Manager templates and codes for deployment. This module carries a weightage of 15-20% in the exam.

Module 4: Monitor, Troubleshoot and Optimise Azure Solutions

This module makes up 10-15% of the AZ-204 certification exam. It covers topics like simplified administration, Key Vault API, secret storage and codes for monitoring access, use and characteristics of managed identities. You also learn about services that help support managed identities for resources related to Azure. This module holds a weightage of 10-15%.

Module 5: Connect To and Consume Azure and Third-Party Services

Out of this module, you can expect questions around topics like Configuration and Interaction with Azure Cache for Redis, CDN, as well as the Monitoring Data platform. You have a greater chance of nailing this module if you have hands-on experience with performance improvement, Azure application monitoring and application integration using resources created with the Web Apps feature. This module carries 25-30% weightage in the AZ-204 certification exam.

How Do I Prepare for the Certification Exam?

There are several online courses by Microsoft on various official partner platforms. These platforms give you access to a host of information, resources and a personal mentor. You can also get several additional resources and study material online for free.

The main purpose of this certification course by Microsoft is to train professionals and validate their skills as subject matter experts with regard to development, cloud computing, cloud architecture, cloud administration, cloud DBA and solution implementation. Give your career the boost it needs and start training today.

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