5 Key Advantages of Call Centre Quality Assurance to Be Aware Of

Call centre QA redefines and adds finesse, improving agent performance and enhancing customer experience. Quality call assurance is quite imperative; an organisation should make it a culture to track/measure agent performance or record low customer satisfaction.

Except you capitalise on the potential of quality assurance, the company’s unproductivity increases, causing revenue loss and ranking down the company’s prominence.

In a bid to outdo competitors and enhance call experiences, however, many businesses resort to using excellent services such as  Awaken’s call centre quality assurance. What is keeping you from leveraging call centre QA? Meanwhile, below are the advantages of call centre quality assurance:

1. Track Remote Workers

Owing to the pandemic, call centres went remote, and many companies may not be willing to reverse the implementation. Besides, remote work can cut a company’s onsite management cost.

Does the business have a central call centre? Then the agents’ reliance on the cloud is massive. Now, it is QA that tracks and measures remote situations, meaning that you do not have to stare at agents solving customer problems.

Call centre QA assists brilliantly with ascertaining whether the remote workforce is equipped with productivity monitoring applications and collaboration tools required for success. The management can then track agents from a central position and conveniently adjust the systems.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Considering the consequence of not being compliant, regulatory compliance is critical in the business. Note that call agents can make or mar the organisation following the nature of their conversation. Thus, one mistake during a call, and the company loses hundreds of thousands to fines.

You might be interested in the UK 5 legal and regulatory compliance concerns for businesses, including DPA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, PECR, and CCPA. These regulatory concerns urge being conscious to keep the company compliant and take corrective actions faster.

Compliance assessments and checks are integral call centre QA software components. Depending on your provider, you have the option to configure and implement robust control measures that keep the organisation from becoming vulnerable.

3. Entice Agent Performance

If call agents are aware that they are not being monitored, they are not likely to give their best. However, if the reverse is the case, agents would naturally perform on the high to become pacesetters.

With call centre quality assurance, an agent finds the muse to take a problem-solving approach that refines existing call script. Also, call centre QA reports performance feedback instantly, which an agent follows to know their performance level and rework it for higher points.

4. Match QA Scores with Feedback

A Microsoft report indicates that about 90 percent of customers think that an organisation should have feedback options. Nonetheless, some call centres struggle to discover and align with customer demands.

Call centre QA software lets you match quality assurance scores and feedback through surveys to identify the business and customers’ accurate perceptions. The critical practice is to combine external and internal sentiment on the software dashboard. So, when you view the scores near the QA scores, it becomes easier to measure effectiveness, productivity and an option to enhance call experience.

5. Monitor Progress

Setting up the call centre for success extends beyond formulating an action plan. The management must measure performance using points or call scores to rate an agent.

Fortunately, digital call centre QA software simplifies the process by giving the manager access to real-time or recorded calls directed at the action plan.

When tracking calls, managers can tell whether agents adjusted properly or if they followed the script. Thus, making it easier to detect and address faulting agents.

Call Centre QA Value

The value and importance of call centre QA can’t be overemphasised. Once your company follows a strategic process and implements the right tools and knowledge, it is easier to make the most of the software.

Moreover, QA in a call centre lets the company evaluate channels and agents through social media responses, email messaging, service tickets, phone calls, etc. When the appropriate performance data is gathered, you find it convenient to maintain the quality standards; thus, enhancing adherence to compliance and satisfying customers.

Final Verdict

When investing in QA for call centres, diversify between call monitoring, evaluation, and scoring. Merely evaluating monitored calls does not provide the needed information, which makes scoring ideal.

In essence, call centre QA is what every applicable company needs. Remember to invest in typical modern and reliable QA solutions with 24/7 support, and that understands and aligns with your business. Give QA some time to settle in the company, and you’d experience improved revenue.

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