5 Keys To Know While Choosing An Online Psychologist

One of the most frequent inconveniences when starting a therapeutic process is choosing a good therapist or a good therapist.

If you have already made up your mind but you don’t have time to move from one place to another, one option would be to opt for online psychologists, however, among so many options, how to know which one is correct? How do we know that they are not robbing me? How much experience could they have? Does an online psychologist work in the same way as a face-to-face one?

I will give you 5 basic keys to choose the best psychologist online:

  • Dispel doubts, professional license above all

There is no real regulation on the online therapy process, so choosing an online psychologist can be somewhat dangerous if we do not have the proper precautions. A first step would be to make sure that whoever introduces himself as an online therapist and offers his help is really a professional, read more here.

  • Type of academic training, or work experience

Once you have checked that your therapist has training in psychology at a university, you will have to verify that his academic training, postgraduate training, or work experience is focused on the clinical area. Look for the type of workshops, courses, or diplomas that have trained her in the clinical area, that will help you make a better decision.

  • Type of therapy you use

There are many ways to solve a problem, we know them as “clinical psychology approaches”, they vary depending on the treatment, however, very few interventions have scientifically demonstrated how effective and efficient they are.

Behavioral cognitive therapy is a form of brief therapy, in charge of solving very different emotional problems, this form of therapy has proved effective as a treatment in different areas of health, either face to face or online, if you can ask your therapist how a therapy scientifically demonstrates its effectiveness. Asking what kind of approach an online psychologist uses will help you better understand your treatment. Apart from this, if you are an aba therapist who needs any kind of guidance on this then visit Here on the Spectrum.

  • First sessions, the first evaluation

A correct intervention by an online or face-to-face therapist would indicate that between the first and second sessions, depending on the situation you need to solve, the psychologist will carry out a complete evaluation of your problem.

Online it might seem difficult to do evaluations, but I assure you that a specialist has and knows how to do this work. In our case, we ask users to answer some small tests to learn more about them before having their first session with an online psychologist. In this way, the specialist will obtain a diagnosis and make a treatment proposal, all with the intention of meeting the objectives that were proposed to establish your emotional improvement.

  • Frequency and duration of the sessions

Many people have very accelerated work rates, for this reason, time is so precious and irreplaceable. It is important that your online psychologist establish a time limit for your therapeutic process, which will depend and vary according to the problem, however, it will always be convenient to carry out a short and effective process of online therapy.

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