5 Most Common Automation Challenges You Might Face in 2023

Nowadays, the high profile manufacturing firms are qualified enough in terms of skills and resources to provide different businesses with high-quality parts of different brands like SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC PLC

If you also own such a firm, it is high time that you dive into automation and put your revenue on autopilot. Not only will this boost your profits but will also give you enough room to take more projects and brands on board. 

But, before finalising your approach to automation, it is imperative that you also have knowledge of the possible challenges that you can face during the process. 

1. Lack of Communication and Collaboration in Team

Proper communication among the team members is part and parcel of the automation process. Both in pre and post-automation, it can make or break the claimed results. 

You will need to make sure that your team is on the same page when it comes to automation because only then will they be able to work in collaboration. If the team doesn’t communicate properly, there will be some gap left in the process, and it can even cost you a fortune if it goes undetected. 

2. Selecting the Wrong Tool

automation can be carried out using different types of machine and software programs. Each machine is designed and programmed according to the end of a particular manufacturer. If you fail to convey your requirements in a vivid manner, you might get the wrong tool. 

It is essential that you must be aware of the tool that will be in your best interest in terms of automation. Otherwise, your well-spent capital can go all in vain if the tool doesn’t fit your manufacturing model or process. 

For instance, any change in the design of a manufacturing machine can affect the quality of all the products that you make from it. 

3. Lack of Relevant Skills and Resources

Similarly, a lack of proper resources can also keep your firm from skating the automation. You will need to make sure that you have all the relevant resources and tools that are needed to carry out the automation. 

Moreover, you will also need to either hire new workers with relevant skills or train the old workers to make sure they are skilled enough to operate new software programs, machines, and tools.

4. Choosing a Wrong Automation Approach

You will want to make sure that the automation approach used in the process is in accordance with your business gains. This can be the biggest challenge one can face at the time of automation. 

You will need to be precise while forming a strategy and approach toward the automation process. Decide whether you have to work with a B2C approach or a B2B approach. 

5. Miscalculating the Expense and Profit

Lastly, automation can be really challenging when you are left hanging in the middle of the process because of a miscalculation of the expenses. Therefore, make sure you make all the profit, loss, and expense calculations accurately. 

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