5 Most Common Types of Wholesale Backpacks That Work Well for School!

When buying multiple backpacks for school or other activities, you need to know the correct type, fit, and size that works the best for your needs. If you are going traveling, a backpacking pack is the most practical option, providing you with plenty of support and compartments that can store all of your gear.

However, the most common type of backpack that people typically use is for school. There are different types of wholesale backpacks for school that make it easy to find the correct size and fit for any elementary school student or high schooler. Keep in mind older children will typically need more oversized backpacks, while younger children need smaller options.

Let’s see the most common types of wholesale backpacks that work well for school students of all ages!

5 backpack types for school students

When shopping for backpacks online for school, consider using an online marketplace like Bags in Bulk to find affordable options with a wide variety. For those who want to spend less money on high-quality choices, you can use an online wholesale retail shop to purchase multiple bags simultaneously.

Many different types of backpacks can be used for other activities, students of all ages, and various climates. By finding out the right style that works best for your needs, you can shop online to choose the specific type that will be long-lasting and suitable for particular activities.

One online retailer that has an extensive selection of packs for school use is Bags in Bulk. Here at Bags in Bulk we believe that a child’s backpack should be as fun-loving and full of imagination as the child who wears it. This is why our extensive collection of wholesale backpacks include exciting bright color patterns and an amusing assortment of magical creatures and characters which dance, fly, frolic, play, and pounce across every kids’ backpack.

Instead of spending time and money to shop around at various stores, purchasing bags at one retailer helps you pay affordable prices for high-quality options.


The traditional backpack is one of the most common types that children use for school. Whether you are 6 years old and going to your first year in school, or you are 16, and in one of your final years, a backpack is an efficient and comfortable way to carry heavy supplies around the halls all day.

For those who need a supportive and padded option, consider looking for a more oversized backpack with various storage compartments, a padded laptop sleeve, and adjustable straps to redistribute the weight across your body. For students who need less space, you can purchase a smaller backpack that works well for carrying small folders, pencils, pencil cases, and lightweight notebooks.

When purchasing backpacks in bulk, consider using an online store like Bags in Bulk to save money and help out students in your local community with a charitable donation.


The second type of backpack that can be used for school is a smaller and less supportive option. Instead of multiple compartments and adjustable straps, a daypack is typically smaller and often considered more stylish. A daypack can be used for lightweight and smaller school items or used for everyday items, like a purse, snacks, or sunglasses.

Used interchangeably with a backpack, a daypack is intended for everyday use, with the versatility to use for school, hanging out, or walking around town after going to your classes.


A rucksack is similar to both a daypack and a backpack. With the style of a daypack but a more rugged construction that resembles a backpack, a rucksack typically contains a flap over the top. This flap prevents outside items from getting inside the pack, preventing dirt, bugs, or water from entering the pack and harming your valuables.

Rucksacks come in various sizes, colors, and materials. Make sure you choose a rucksack that works for your specific needs and can carry the right amount of gear. If you live in a rainy climate, consider purchasing a waterproof rucksack to ensure your valuables do not get damaged.

Most rucksacks contain one or two buckles in the front that close the top flap over the pack. These buckles are considered fashionable and add a more stylish look to the pack when compared to a daypack or backpack. Furthermore, a rucksack typically contains more exterior pockets than a daypack or backpack, making it easy and fast to grab smaller items while on the go, like a wallet, money, phone, or sunglasses.

Satchel backpack

A satchel backpack contains the same style as a satchel but with the functionality of a backpack. With an aesthetic look that is often considered sleek and stylish for office or school use, this type of backpack contains a double-buckled top flap, a front pocket for small items, and leather construction that is durable and stylish.

A satchel backpack is a good choice for older students or college students who want a fashionable and stylish option for their classes. Instead of having a canvas backpack, a leather option is more durable, weather-resistant, older-looking, and long-lasting.


A knapsack is similar to a rucksack in look and function. This type of backpack is usually made for more outdoor use, with most options made from canvas and waterproof materials that make it usable in rainy or snowy climates.

Users of this type of backpack do not have to worry about having their school supplies or valuables damaged during inclement weather. A knapsack is considered a safe and reliable choice for trekking to class and protecting your materials for students who go to school or university in a rainy or snowy climate.


When shopping for bulk bags online, you need to make sure you find an affordable online retailer, has plenty of selection and contains packs for different activities. At an online wholesale shop, like Bags in Bulk, you can decide between a wide selection of backpacks for various activities. Choose between rucksacks, knapsacks, day packs, satchel packs, or backpacks for school use.

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