5 Myths and 5 Facts About Talent Management

Many artists and talents are unaware of what talent management involves. This often pushes them into neglecting management as part of their career. It often leads them to no good. There are multiple conspiracies and myths about talent management that mislead many people. To better inform you on what talent management is all about, we’ve lined up a list of facts and myths to set the record straight.

Talent management is the overall monitoring of an artist’s career. It covers the improvement of the talent, working on projects, creativity, marketing, selling of music, and legal matters. Some of the responsibilities of a talent management agency include;

  • Talent acquisition
  • Workforce planning
  • Succession planning
  • Performance management
  • Development
  • On-boarding and engagement.

Nonetheless, many people are not aware of the facts around talent management and the misleading myths. Let’s cover that more for clarity.

Myths About Talent Management

There are several misleading myths about talent management that many artists live by. Some of the misconceptions include;

1. It’s a One Shoe Fits All Business

The assumption that all the top talents can fit in any talent management agency is false. Each talent manager looks for particular qualities in an individual that qualifies them. The character of an artist is often the selling factor since the talent can always be polished as time goes by.

2. All Jobs Have an Equivalent Value

A talent management agency holds different talents. All these individuals have different styles of music and sing different genres. Therefore, they also raise additional revenue and audience size. Due to those factors, they are all treated differently as the talents differ in many ways.

3. Talent Management Strategy is the Real Deal

Talents mainly look for an experienced talent manager. While the strategy might also be a selling factor, the agency’s track record is what matters most. Strategy is only but a view of doing things. Experience shows how good the strategy is.

4. It’s Based on Engagement Alone

Talent management is more than just engagement. There are a lot of responsibilities involved that eventually bring out the best from talent. Development, succession, and workforce planning are some of the other phases of talent management.

5. There’s Readily Available Talent

Unlike what many people think, many talent managers seek talents. There’s not enough talent out there so scouting is often a deployed means to get other artists on board.

Facts About Talent Management

Below are some facts to give more clarity about talent management;

1. Many Agencies Invest in Natural Talents

Most of the talent management agencies scout for natural talents. This includes people who are not known or heard of and those who are not yet famous. It’s easier to work with someone willing and determined to go through the polishing process.

2. Talent Managers are Talented Individuals

Without a doubt, all professionals in talent management are talented individuals. However, that goes for the personal coaches, directors, and producers. However, the other team members, such as lawyers, legal experts, accountants, and fashion managers, don’t have to be talented.

3. It’s a Perfect Blend of Relationships and Business

Talent management develops a relationship between the manager and the talent. That doesn’t neglect the business part, but it makes it easier either way. It is easier to work with a colleague who understands you better and is willing to help you out to improve in different areas.

4. Talent Management Has a Procedure

An agency can’t sign you just because you’re talented. There is a procedure of vetting talents and choosing the ones that will fit into the agency’s operations system. There is a screening process to meet the qualifications for getting hired.

5. Agencies Have Conditions

An agency can release you and end a contract at any time. Some irresponsible behavior or going against the operational policies and make your talent manager terminate a contract with you. It is crucial to consider the conditions put in place for a smooth working period.

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