5 Points to Consider While Choosing Sanitary Pads Brands

Many women do not discuss problems regarding their menstruation and vaginal health issues as they do not know about the basic things about sanitary pads. Also, choosing a good brand of sanitary pads is very important.

One of those brands is Rio pads. Here are 5 points that you need to consider while choosing sanitary pad raw material supplier for proper hygiene and comfort.

1. Materials used

Remember to look for the materials used to make the sanitary pads. Some low-quality materials can cause skin infections or rashes. So, before buying sanitary pads don’t forget to check the material. Also, do some research about the pads you are buying.

You can also consult with your doctor or medical expert about what materials can be suitable for your skin and feel soft. If you have sensitive skin, then finding the material becomes really crucial. Otherwise, you may face several skin problems and become prone to infections.

2. Choose eco-friendly ones

The sanitary pads made of harmful substances or plastic are not environmentally friendly. The packaging of these pads is not eco-friendly as well and thus is harmful to the environment.

However, many commercial brands manufacture sanitary pads using plastic and chemicals. So, it‘s better to look for sanitary pads brands that use eco-friendly materials to manufacture their products.

3. Avoid pads with fragrance

Some sanitary pad brands come with a fragrance. You should avoid them as they may contain chemicals to bring about the fragrance that is bad for your skin and can cause irritations and rashes. So, choose the non-fragrant options as much as you can.

4. Choose from a variety of sizes

When choosing good sanitary pads brands, it is better to choose a brand that offers different sizes. Buying different sizes of sanitary pads will help you to cater to different types of flows or flow levels during those days of your periods. It is better to wear good quality brands and long-lasting sanitary pads that will help you to cater to your heavy bleeding.

Mainly the longer ones are good for the night or when you have to travel to any place or during those times when you can use toilets for a long period of time. Also, remember to change your sanitary pads every 6 hours for better hygiene.

5. Choose according to your flow

The volume of your menstrual flow is one of the major factors to determine the type of sanitary pad you will require. There are specific pads available for heavy flow.

If you choose a regular pad when you have heavy menstrual flow, you will need to frequently change your pads throughout the day. This will increase your expenses as well as discomfort. It will thus be wise to choose according to your flow type so that you can save and stay comfortable.

So, using healthy and natural compositions like cotton or cornstarch, or bamboo fiber is the best option for having good and skin-friendly sanitary pads.

These materials are not only good for your health and hygiene but also good for our environment as well. So, choose those sanitary pads brands that can offer you these healthy options, and one of them is Rio pads.

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