5 reasons your aircon is leaking water and messing up your day

Have you ever come across a puddle of water on your floor just under your air conditioner? That is one of the common signs there is water leaking out of your aircon. And here, we uncover the typical culprits behind the issue so you can prevent this from happening in the future.

Top 5 reasons how water is leaking out of your aircon

Based on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialists, the following five culprits are why people phone their aircon service professionals to fix this annoying issue.

Dirty aircon filter

It is the most common one among many other reasons. If you rarely clean your aircon, the dirt will pile up on your aircon filter. The dirt will restrict the airflow and leading up to a freezing of the evaporator coil.

Once the ice melts, the overflow water will leak out of your aircon.

That is why you have to call your trusted aircon servicing specialist regularly. Regular maintenance for your aircon will help it work as efficiently as a brand new one. Besides, a dirty aircon is gross because it can let out a bad odour when you turn it on.

Most user manuals of known aircon brands usually advise homeowners to perform regular maintenance every three months.

Your drain is line is clogged

It is usual for the water to form within your aircon. That will not cause an issue if your aircon is functioning correctly. For instance, the drain line can flow water normally when it is not clogged at all.

However, if the drain line is clogged, it will be a different story. For instance, a clogged drain line will cause a delay in leading water from your aircon to the designated place outside your place.

Again, the blockage could happen due to the accumulation of dirt within the drain line. Since it is blocked, the water will find another way to get out of your aircon.

Improper installation

A detached drain line could lead to water leakage. The drain line could detach out of your aircon due to vibration or simply an incorrect installation.

If your aircon is a brand new one and water is leaking out of it, there is a big chance it is due to bad installation. To illustrate, the position of the drain lines makes it impossible for water to flow downwards. As a result, the water pools within your unit and start dripping out of it.

That is why when installing an air conditioner, your best bet is to go with the best aircon servicing specialist. Go for a specialist that has a certification to perform aircon installation. For example, in Singapore, go for a BCA-certified constructor.

Troubles on your drain pan

Everyday use will cause wear and tear in your unit, just like a human body. In the aircon, one of the most vulnerable parts is the drain pan. The everyday use could lead to a rusty drain pan or even a cracked one.

Since it is broken, the drain pan cannot contain water as a brand new one. Hence, the water will leak to the floor out of your aircon.

Incorrect refrigerant volume

Refrigerant (gas) is a crucial compound in your aircon. It plays a significant role in flowing cool air for your room as long as the volume is in the correct range. If the volume is incorrect, your aircon will encounter issues, such as the air is not as cool as it used to be or water was leaking out of your aircon.

In the case of water coming out of your aircon, it is because the incorrect volume will cause a change in the unit’s pressure. As a result, ice is forming, then melt and leading to overflow water out of your aircon.

Usually, the refrigerant in your aircon could leak due to malfunction. If you notice a hissing sound coming out of your aircon, you should consider reaching your HVAC specialist to check it.

Preventing water from leaking out of your aircon

You should not ignore this trouble. A well-maintained aircon will give you better rest at night, especially if you live in a country with a hot climate. That is why you have to prevent your aircon from running into this trouble.

To prevent it, you have to clean your air filter, preferably every 30 days or more frequent, if you constantly use your aircon even during the day.

Then, leave the regular maintenance to your aircon service professional. Hence, they can help to perform a regular checkup on your aircon’s parts too.

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