5 Summer 2021 Fashion Trends from SmartBuyGlasses

Make a statement with sunglasses before the summer ends! This is a guide to the hottest styles right now. From top designers to eco-friendly budget brands, there is something for every fashion sense, every budget and every personality.

1. Thick Rimmed Eyeglasses 

Wow the crowds with thick rimmed sunglasses. The frames are bold and really stand out. For inspiration, check out these sunglasses from Tom Ford and Adidas. Not only are these designer brands known for their iconic designs, they are also recognized for their high quality products that will last for years to come.

Tom Ford FT0615 

Adidas Originals AOR009

2. Shield Sunglasses 

Follow in the footsteps of countless celebrities with a loud pair of shield sunglasses. The style certainly won’t be going out of fashion any time soon. This modern design provides full range eye protection for stunning style and extra effective eye care.



3. Angular Eyeglasses  

Minimalist eyeglasses can make the biggest statement. This season, it’s all about finding the right angle for you and your face shape. This style of frame will look best with those on more rounded face shapes, as it will balance out your facial features. The trend is ever-increasing in popularity, so sharpen up your wardrobe with these rectangular shapes:

Michael Kors MK2087U

Prada PR04VS

4. Sustainable Designer Eyewear

Climate change has never been so talked about. Environmental issues are consistently drawing attention, so sustainability is now the ultimate fashion statement. Many of the world’s top designers have made conscious efforts to support such causes, and launched eyewear in line with sustainable campaigns. Show your love and care for the world around you too when you invest in buysunglasses from the likes of Armani and Vogue, both of whom have made efforts to go green.

Giorgio Armani AR8091

Vogue VO5211S

5. Graphic Shapes 

Try something a little different this year with a few funky shapes. It is the perfect way to show off a side of your personality or style. Plus, the more diverse there the shape, the trendier it is. However, you still want your sunglasses to be practical. Make sure you find a good balance between unique fashion and versatility. And don’t forget that black and white frames allow the curious frame shape to speak for itself, without taking attention away with elaborate colors. Such a colour scheme will also help you match the frames with any outfit and occasion.

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Prada PR10XS

Miu Miu MU05VS

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