5 Telltale Signs of a Genuine Eco-Friendly Business/Brand

Everyone wants to patronize brands or stores that share our common values. For those striving to be eco-friendly, choosing which of them is truly honest to their words is a crucial decision to make. 

Unfortunately, not everyone, be it a store, a brand, or a product, is not always telling you that they are eco-friendly in the most honest way. Looking at it won’t tell you directly if they’re eco-friendly with their business ethics or not. Since being eco-friendly these days is more of a necessity than a trend, many companies will go leaps and bounds to brand themselves eco-friendly. 

But, always remember that not everyone is wholeheartedly embracing eco-friendly practices; some are after the money. 

If you want to patronize brands or eco friendly online store, here are our five tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for one. 

1. Beware the “Greenwashed” Branding

Many companies out there want to trick the consumers into thinking that their services or products are environmentally-conscious. They tend to sway the consumers that they are using earth-toned processes or packaging. However, do not be fooled by any of these tricks, as these are just mere lip service. 

This kind of business scheme is called “greenwashing”. With that in mind, you need to be meticulous when choosing products or services you purchase that truly are eco-friendly. 

2. They Don’t Entirely Rely on Natural Resources

Businesses or brands that are environmentally responsible are those who reduce their reliance on natural resources. It means that they use the best alternatives out there to conserve what’s left of our planet. For example, an eco-friendly store uses a solar panel instead of the main electric grid. 

It means that they reduce their dependence on the main energy source. 

3. They Use Recycled Products 

One notable thing you will notice with an eco friendly online store or physical store is that they use recycled products to manufacture their products. Patronizing products made from recycled materials will be your contribution to reducing waste pollution on our planet. It doesn’t just help conserve our natural resources, but it also reduces the non-biodegradable products ending up at landfills. 

These recycled materials are usually plastic and metal, which are considered post-consumer materials. These materials are recyclable. 

4. Upholds the Importance Fairtrade Products

Fairtrade means that the products you’re buying from an eco-friendly store have a network of producers, advocates, and companies that follow eco-friendly business practices. They are keen on empowering local producers, improving sustainability, environmental stewardship, and community well-being. 

Fairtrade also ensures that a community’s greatest necessities are accessible and clean, and free from harmful chemicals. They are also strictly following environmental laws. 

5. The Use Sustainable Packaging

Product packaging is the number one culprit in polluting our environment. Billions or even trillions of non-biodegradable plastics are currently polluting our oceans, waterways and soil today. With that in mind, you must look for an eco-friendly shop that truly practices the use of sustainable packaging. 

They use recycled materials from plastic and other non-biodegradable materials. Using sustainable packaging has tons of benefits. It reduces the dependency on raw materials and resources. It reduces the use of non-renewable energy, and it incorporates the importance of recycling. 


If you genuinely want to patronize products or services that are eco-friendly, the tips listed above will guide you leading to them. But what’s most important is you begin with yourself. Begin by changing your lifestyle to contribute to help our environment.

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