5 Thoughts for a Recently Engaged Bride

If you have just been proposed to, congratulations! There are bound to be a thousand thoughts swirling around your head, but try not to get too overwhelmed because, fortunately, weddings are exciting things to plan as well as nerve-racking. Yes, there will definitely be a lot of planning in your future but the good thing is it is all in your control and the day is all about you and your partner. It’s supposed to be a fun party, after all, so here are five thoughts for the recently engaged bride to mull over.

The Dress

Of course, finding your perfect wedding dress is likely to be at the top of your agenda.  It is important to stick with what makes you comfortable and confident and to listen to your heart above all else. Everyone will have an opinion, and it is okay to listen as long as you don’t let their opinions steer your course in the wrong direction. Do what feels right for you and the rest will follow naturally.

The Venue

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of getting married in a specific place, or you have never even given it a second thought. Wherever you land, there are thousands of wedding venues out there to discover, even some in foreign places. Branch out your research and base it on a comfortable budget. Make sure the place fits with your vision and theme and can accommodate every last need you might have as well. The venue will be the backdrop for all of your photographs and lots of people choose to have the ceremony and reception in the same location for a simpler day.

The Guest List

Who are you going to invite? This is a big question! It is great to make an initial list of everyone you may wish to include on your special day. From here, you can decide how many people you can actually afford to cater to and whether or not you’re going to include plus ones. The guest list will then lead to the all-important invitations, which are something you want to be perfect as they set the tone for your big day.

The Wedding Party

There is always going to be a select group of people who you want in your close-knit wedding party. This will include the maid of honour, parents, and other close friends that could take up the mantle of best man or bridesmaid. These people deserve a special invitation and the time taken to let them know you’d like them to have a special place in your wedding.

The Honeymoon

You are probably already thinking about the honeymoon, and rightly so. Honeymoons should always be planned well in advance because there are lots of moving parts to navigate. It could be a staycation or the trip of a lifetime — as long as it’s what you both want and somewhere that you can create memories on your first trip as a married pair, then it will be perfect.

Becoming engaged is a very exciting time in life. It is symbolic of the journey to come, and a time to band together with those you love the most.

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