5 Unique Landscaping Ideas for Home Gardens

Australians are in a frenzy to start planning the landscape and design of home gardens in preparation for the upcoming summer season. The boom in sales of rock sculptures, flowers vases/ pots and granite tiles in Sydney and its urban regions are a testament to this. In this context, the proper landscaping of the garden could greatly enhance the appearance and atmosphere of a home and provide a suitable environment for recreation. Furthermore, tending to one’s garden can help relieve stress and anxiety. Many Australians are also growing their own food in their gardens, with a report suggesting that this figure may be close to 5 million!

Improving a garden is a simple yet delicate process. While refurbishing the living space and applying a coat of paint on the walls may be sufficient for the house’s interior, enhancing the appeal of a garden requires more thought. However, the slightest of changes can have a big impact on a front/back yard. Varying aesthetics are often achieved while experimenting with styles ranging from extravagant to minimalistic. So, since several modifications can be made, and it can be useful to consider some of these ideas:

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1. Improving/Updating the Front Fence

It is necessary for the house to have a good impression on visitors, and the front fence is the first thing they would notice upon arriving. Applying a fresh coat of paint would do the trick in most cases. However, most homeowners experiment with different designs and aesthetics to give a truly remarkable look to the front yard.

2. Installing a Pathway

Installing pathways is often an overlooked facet of designing a garden. Still, it is one of the most important aspects of adding that magic touch to a garden. Pathways offer definition and direction to a garden. A straight and direct pathway is suitable for a contemporary aesthetic, whereas a meandering pathway can give the classic cottage garden appearance.

Pathways can be structured and designed using a wide range of materials, as there is increased availability of materials such as pavers, bricks, natural stones and granite tiles in Sydney and other metropolitan areas.

3. Installing Vertical Green Walls

The market for green walls has been in a rage, not only in Australia but across the world. This unique and innovative method enables one to add more greenery in a confined space while offering creative freedom for designing the wall according to individual preferences.

Wall hung planters, climbing vines, and other additions can be made to a green wall akin to decorating a Christmas tree. Besides, the cost of green walls ranges from 100 Australian dollars to 1000 Australian dollars, thus making it affordable to homeowners of varying socioeconomic backgrounds.

4. Creating an Environment for Australian Native Plants

Adding flowers and plants native to Australia would be a truly unique touch to a home garden. This helps in the preservation of such species and serves an educational purpose as well.

Some of the plants that are available and can be grown in a home garden include the Australian daisy (Brachysome), Cycad (Macrozamia) and the grass tree (Xanthorrhoea australis). An interesting addition for residents of Sydney could be the NSW Christmas Bush, also known as Ceratopetalum gummiferum.

5. Redesigning the Letterbox

Although this may not serve a practical purpose today due to the reduced usage of postal services, a striking mailbox can have a huge impact on the appearance of a garden. There are several styles to choose from, including designer, vintage and custom-made. Moreover, mailboxes have also become quite affordable these days. Hence the entire decor becomes cost-effective.

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