6 Amazing Tips To Click E-commerce Product Images

E-commerce has become a “buzzword” these days. It is the part of E-business that deals with selling and buying goods on the web. With the advent of e-commerce, consumers do not have to visit grocery stores, clothing stores, hardware stores, etc.; all essential items arrive at their doorstep by tapping the button of a smartphone. Not just that, you can buy anything anytime from any place with online shopping.

The only flaw of online shopping is that the customer cannot touch, taste, or feel the products. They can judge the article’s quality only through digital photos, which has considerably raised the demand for commercial photographers. Simply put, the growth of e-commerce business directly depends on the quality of e-commerce images. If e-commerce pictures are visually pleasing, then visitors are more likely to convert to buyers. On the other hand, poor quality pictures reduce product sales.

According to the experts, around 94% of online buyers consider digital images the primary factor while purchasing things online. E-commerce photography is highly needed by jewelry stores, electronics shops, sports stores, etc. Being a commercial photographer is a great way to earn a good amount of money. However, you need to have a unique skill set and some basic-equipments to come out with stunning product or commercial shots.

How To Create Alluring E-Commerce Images?

Here are few tips, which will surely assist you in creating amazing commercial images for E-commerce businesses.

  • Find Out The Right Light

First, you need to master yourself in lightning if you really want to be perfect in commercial photography. Light is of the utmost importance in a product photoshoot. Therefore, you should have a good idea of lighting to create successful images. Generally, there are two types of lighting that you can use in e-commerce photography: soft lighting and hard-lighting.

Soft lighting is used to capture 3D images. This type of lighting banishes harsh shadows of the product and highlights the itsy bitsy details. On the other side, hard-lighting adds drama to the product images by adding noticeable contrast between the subject and the shadow.

  • Background Matters

Choosing the right background is crucial for clicking great commercial images. You should pick up such a background that enhances the subject in the photograph. Don’t use vibrant and messy colors in the background because they can distract the viewer from the actual subject. Typically, most renowned commercial photographers use a white background to keep the images appealing and reduce distractions. However, instead of white background, you can also choose the talking background. For instance, if your subject is refreshing lime juice, you can keep 2-3 lemons in the background.

  • Use Reflectors & Diffusers

Using reflectors and diffusers is the best for outdoor product photoshoot. They create a bounce effect to fill the light evenly and soften the shadows. By using a reflector and diffuser, you can control the light as per your needs.

  • Retouch

After clicking the multiple product images, it is essential to retouch and edit them. The editing tools help you to remove unwanted elements from the image and make them pop. Some of them are Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Sylum Luminar, Corel Paintshop Pro, etc. Retouching the photos also allows you to get rid of shadows and noise.

  • Keep Images SEO- Friendly

Being a savvy e-commercial photographer, you need to make your images SEO- friendly. It will increase the overall rank of your clicks on the search engine result pages. Keep the pixel- size of the image as small as possible and add the valid text to the picture.

  • Keep Shooting

The more you practice, the more likely you are to come out with attractive-shots. So, keep shooting the products to enhance your commercial photography skills. 

Types Of Equipment Needed For E-Commerce Product Photography

  • Tripod
  • Artificial Lighting
  • Camera
  • Lenses

How Much To Charge For E-Commerce Photography?

Well! It all depends on your photography skill-sets and experience. If you are a newbie commercial photographer, it would be better to keep the rates a bit low to attract clients. Apart from this, offer free trials to the clients and give discounts on bulk orders. Moreover, instead of charging for a full day, it would be better to cost per click or set hourly rates.

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