6 Educational Games That Can Help You in College

When we think of games, the first thing that probably comes to mind is children’s cars, railways, treasure chests, or Monopoly. However, this article is about other types of games, namely the digital ones. Modern games are not only entertaining but also educational – besides, they are useful not only for school children but for college students as well. 

There is a huge number of products falling into the “Education” category among mobile apps. We’ve collected 6 of them – some will help you develop new skills, while others can generate interest in particular disciplines. Read on to choose the ones that suit you best.

Civilization Revolution 2 

The Civilization series is a legend in the world of video games that has been around for a couple of decades. Here, the player rules the state, conducts its domestic and foreign policy, economy, and military strategy. The game became famous for its educational video inserts and references to real historical characters and events. 

By playing the game, you can experience the key events of the history of human civilization, build your own empire or destroy someone else’s, and analyze the past of mankind. You might even get some insights to use in your history essay. Don’t forget to share them with specialists from essay writer service – they always take your requirements and wishes into account.


If you want to broaden your knowledge about literature, then LibrAdventures is a great choice. This is an interactive map of writers and their stories which is not an app, but a website. LibrAdventures opens up new possibilities: we can get to know personalities and events from the art world by studying a panoramic map. 

The creators of the site offer a fascinating journey in the footsteps of famous writers and their characters. Here, you can discover the places where they lived, met, worked, or loved. Thus, a map can show you where Ernest Hemingway spent his free time, or where Dante wrote his “Divine Comedy”.

The top panel of the site contains several sections that will help you narrow your search: Authors, Science Fiction/Horror, For Kids, Characters, Movies, Places, Events. So now we can see the place where Alexander Dumas was born, look at the forest in which Winnie the Pooh and his friends walked, explore the hotel where Oscar Wilde was arrested, or look at the endless sea where Antoine de Saint-Exupery died.

Of course, such platforms inspire us to use new knowledge, while completing our college assignments. However, many factors can distract us from work. Luckily, there is a way to manage it all. Outsourcing the paper to EssayPro writing service surely saves a lot of time and effort.


Duolingo is the world’s most popular app in the Education category. It allows you to learn foreign languages, developing your reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills. Here, you can play by answering questions and completing tasks, increasing your vocabulary, and improving your grammar. Start with the simplest verbs, phrases, and sentences, learning new words every day.

According to independent research, an average of 34 hours on Duolingo is as effective as a full semester of the university language course. How is it possible? 

  • Personalization is key – Duolingo lessons adapt to your learning style;
  • The exercises are designed to maximize your vocabulary in the best way possible;
  • You will immediately see which tasks were completed correctly;
  • If you don’t complete the task, the app shows you how to improve your results;
  • Rewards are motivating – you can earn virtual currency, unlock new levels and watch your knowledge grow.

Plus, you can download Tinycards, another memory training app from the creators of Duolingo. 

No doubt, we need to be absolutely focused while learning a new language. But it’s hard to concentrate when there are loads of college tasks on our to-do list. Fortunately, it’s easy to find a service for essay writing on the Web these days and avoid stressing over unfinished papers.


If you are looking for an app to develop your memory, focus, or problem-solving skills, be sure to download Lumosity. This app is a collection of flash games that aim at developing your cognitive functions. The main idea of the project is to involve the user in the daily learning process through the game.

The first time you log into the app, it will start asking you questions. Do you often forget where you placed your belongings? How good are you with names? How quickly can you catch up to new material? Next, Lumosity offers you to choose from categories you want to work on right now (attention, speed, flexibility, or problem-solving).

This way, you customize your learning experience depending on your personal needs. You can also choose a difficulty level, which allows you to work at your own pace. But regardless of the speed you will still feel the results of your work. 


Our life is full of mind-breakers and riddles, and to solve them, we must think outside the box. The Doors app will surely improve your wits – there are 80 levels full of puzzle challenges. And during each of them, you need to open the door and leave the room. 

However, this will not be easy – to complete the level, you may need to try different things, such as tilting the phone or shaking it a couple of times.

Fit Brains Trainer

Download this app if you want to train your brain by improving the performance of both of its hemispheres. In this application, you will find all sorts of tasks – from logic to visual perception ones. Just like in Lumosity, here you can choose tasks based on your needs.

In some of them, you will need to determine whether two words are synonyms or antonyms, in others – to group the figures or use all your logical skills to continue a series of numbers. As you complete the tasks, you will be able to track your progress and see all the improvements. Besides, the application will inform you about your strengths and weaknesses.

Final Thoughts

Being a student now is much more pleasant and enjoyable than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Today we have access to all kinds of devices, useful sites, and applications that help us on an every-day basis. 

Students no longer need tons of books and encyclopedias to focus and get their brains to work. Games can easily set us in a productive mood – and it will happen so quickly that you won’t even notice.

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