6 Physical & Psychological Outcomes of Motor Vehicle Accidents

of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Vehicular accidents can easily be settled by bills and payments. However, the damage that it brings to the involved parties can be much deeper and more painful. Cars can be fixed, but human bodies take a much longer time to recover. Physical injuries, disability, and psychological trauma are among the most common long-term effects of such accidents.

The worst thing about it is that some of these outcomes go unnoticed and untreated. Instead of letting the pain and trauma fester, it’s best to get them treated right away and go in the direction of healing and recovery.

6 Physical & Psychological Outcomes 

Listed below are the most common physical and psychological results that vehicular accident victims often encounter after their traumatic experience:

Physical Damages 

Physical manifestations of accidents can vary in severity. Some of them may appear right away, while others are less obvious and take a while to manifest. To make sure that every aspect of the victim’s physical health is well-cared for, check out this list:

1. Burns and Cuts 

Car crashes can vary in intensity and force depending on the impact of the collision. Severe crashes may lead to flying glass shards, metal fragments, and debris that can cause lacerations and deep puncture wounds.

Gasoline from inside the car may ignite and heat the vehicle, which could lead to third-degree burns and explosions. The important thing about these injuries is to always check for any foreign material stuck inside the body. If left unremoved, these fragments may cause infections and gangrene.

2. Bone Fractures and Tissue Damages 

Deep within the body, fractures, bruises, and hemorrhages are often left untreated for victims who refuse to get medical help. Only detected by sophisticated equipment, these types of damage are often the most overlooked physical injuries. Due to the adrenaline rushing into their body, victims may not feel these injuries right away.

However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. The key thing here is to get tested and diagnosed right away after the accident. Look out for bruises, swelling, and inflammation that often come with these injuries.

3. Back Pain and Spine Damage 

The back and spine are very delicate sections of the human body. Sudden crashes and impact can cause it to break, sprain, and swell right away. Its bony structure and placement also make it riskier when they are injured as broken bone fragments may pierce vital organs.

A fractured spinal cord can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis that can affect the victim for the rest of their lives. Since these types of injuries are more life-altering than the previous ones, it’s best to hire a personal injury lawyer in Etobicoke, or one near you, to settle any additional payments for long-term treatments.

4. Amputation and Death

The worst physical outcomes of vehicular accidents are amputation and death. Loss of limbs is rare, but it occurs when victims are left trapped inside the vehicle for a long time. Severe blood loss may lead to gangrene and infection, which inevitably becomes a cause for amputation. Additional treatments are needed to recover from this physical trauma as the victim may have to undergo physical therapy with a North York physiotherapy clinic and counselling to fully heal.

Death on the other hand is the most horrible scenario that vehicular accidents could cause. It does not only affect the bereaved family, but also the offending party that has to carry the guilt. This outcome is far more pervasive as it can cause emotional, mental, and psychological trauma. Part of the healing process is to grieve for the lost loved one. So, it’s important to hire a trusted company offering funeral catering services in Toronto, to handle the memorial service.

Psychological Outcomes

Traumatic episodes such as car accidents can haunt the victim and offender for the rest of their lives. However, these mental problems often get neglected for fear of stigma and lack of awareness. Listed below are the most common psychological outcomes of vehicular accidents.

1. Anxiety

Often accompanied by overwhelming panic, heart palpitations, difficulty in breathing, and nausea, anxiety attacks are sudden episodes of panic that victims feel when they get to encounter a triggering event.

This mental trauma often has physical manifestations that are easily detected but hard to treat. Anxiety attacks can creep up to the victim by days, months, even years after the accident. The key treatment here is to process the trauma and meet with a licensed mental health professional right away.

2. Depression

Depression is dubbed as one of the most common mental disorders in the whole world. Often manifesting itself in bouts of melancholy, insomnia, lack of motivation, and memory loss, it can severely alter the life of the victim. People who have experienced a car crash wherein they have lost a loved one or undergo severe medical treatment are its common patients.

The important thing here is to recognize it and take the first step toward recovery. Availing of psychotherapy sessions are recommended, to hasten the recovery process.

Vehicular accidents can cause so much more than financial difficulty and physical pain. It can incur psychological and mental effects that can last for a lifetime without getting treated. Trauma can leave unseen wounds that can be easily ignored and left to fester. So, don’t let one incident take hold and control your life. Rise from the incident, ask for help right away, and take the first step towards recovery and healing. You can easily do that by acknowledging the problems first.

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